Beautiful St. Therese E-Card!


© copyright of Debbie Scalise

For a while now I’ve wanted to make Saint E-Cards for my Credo Christian E-Cards site. The problem is that I don’t have that much raw material to work with as I only use my own photography to create them. Having said that, I did manage to do something pretty cool with the photographs I took of the few statues of the Saints in my home parish and over the next couple of weeks I’d like to share them with you and make them available for you to send as E-Cards.

On a personal level I am beginning to develop quite a rapport with St. Therese and I know that many of you love and admire her too, so I made this for you (well okay, and for me too!).

I think this E-Card would be great to send to girls/ladies whose Patron Saint will be (if they are to be Confirmed) or already is, St. Therese.I wonder how many of you, dear readers, have St. Therese for your Patron Saint – why not let me know in the combox?

Hope you like it!

God Bless you!

p.s. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’ve made another St. Therese E-Card too, I’ll post it soon. Promise. Watch this space!

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9 Responses to Beautiful St. Therese E-Card!

  1. JustMe says:

    Well, for someone who started out with chronic asthma, dark circles down to her ankle-bones, and sick at home with anything going around (or in hospital with pneumonia) more often than not until 15 or so, it was pretty much a shoe-in as to which one would be my patron saint for Confirmation. The e-card photo of the Little Flower is lovely, but I must say, the statue looks somewhat like AutumnRose to me.

  2. ukok says:

    Just Me,

    I’m sorry you were so ill as a youngster 😦

    As for the statue looking like AR (or rather, AR looking like the beautiful statue) , well that’s no bad thing i’m sure 🙂

  3. Mimi says:

    It’s beautiful!

  4. Gabrielle says:

    Very nice, Deb. I imagine you’ll be visiting some other local parishes now, camera in hand, searching for beautiful statues. 🙂 That would be nice though, wouldn’t it, going to Mass at a different parish every once in a while, then getting some photos, walking a bit around a different neighbourhood, having a bite to eat…

  5. JustMe says:

    Holy mackerel.. let’s ALL do that. Or let’s all dash off to England to do so with Deb! lol

    Thank you, Deb; all I can say is that illness is a holy door, too, so although I hate going through anything similar now and then, the fact is that Jesus was never ill, so the suffering is not only a sharing in, but a making up in my own body what didn’t happen to His earthly one, etc. similarly to how St. Paul put it, perhaps.

    Oh, it’s a beautiful statue, indeed –truly, I find AR to be beautiful. I love all the renditions of the saints, and of the Mother of God, and even of Jesus. I can hardly wait to see the next one you’ve promised.

  6. ukok says:

    Gabrielle, great idea! I might just do that, go to different parishes….good thinking!


    illness is a holy door….well that is profound. It sounds like something the mystics would say.

    I have severe asthma myself but mine only came on after sudden severe illness abut 8 years ago. How is your condition now?

  7. AutumnRose says:

    She is beautiful, thank you Ukok xxx She is my special confirmation Saint, and my consolation right now! 🙂

    Surely by “AutumnRose” you don’t mean me, JustMe? 😳

  8. ukok says:

    Glad you like the ecard AR!

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