Heads Up!

I’ll be absent from the blogosphere from Maundy Thursday until 2 weeks afterwards. It’s a busy week this week as I attempt to draw nearer to the Lord amidst the suitcase packing for my families forthcoming holiday and excitement of my Dad being bought into full Communion with the Church this Holy Saturday (Dad’s first confession is on Tuesday, please spare a prayer for him!). Lot’s of other stuff is going on, I have a newspaper article to write and photo editing to do etc and so blogging may be scant even leading up to Maundy Thursday, but I do have a couple of things that I want to share with you, one of which I would particularly appreciate your prayerful support with. I think it likely that I will leave that for the last post before I make off for my holiday (vacation) in Wales, UK. It would give you time to share your thoughts while I am away (if you would be so kind) and it would be good for me to read them on my return.

Sadly (perhaps) I will have no internet access while I’m away. Oh I may be able to get online in some internet cafe briefly, but where we’re staying is pretty remote and has no router compatible with my laptop (I enquired with them as soon as I got my laptop last week!). I have looked into alternatives like plug in modems and sticks, but I can’t afford that while I pay my new and current broadband supplier simultaneously…..I also thought about buying a new mobile (cell) phone that can be used as a modem, but I don’t have enough funds for that either. But y’know, every time I have gone on these kind of breaks previously, it has done me good to be away from my blogaddiction for a while and I’ve always returned with a clearer perspective on the whole thing. Family comes first afterall, and I sometimes forget that, I’m rather sorry to say.

Oh yeah, and do you know what this also means? It means that if you were going to send me pic of yourself you need to do so asap!!!! (I will respond to emails until Saturday afternoon, and also comments here on the blog, there just won’t be anything new posted until my return).

There, there now… there a few more posts to come….put your kleenex away …. I’m not leaving you just yet….

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5 Responses to Heads Up!

  1. Wishing you & your family a wonderful holiday, and rejoicing with you on your Dad’s upcoming sacraments! Congratulations to him! With my prayers for many blessings for all of you this Easter.

  2. John Bowden says:

    Oooh! Nice design change! I like it.

    Enjoy the holiday and the break from the internet. I will be remembering all of you in my prayers. My congratulations to your Dad! +JMJ+ John

  3. mum6kids says:

    Congratulations to your dad. How wonderful.
    Have a happy and holy Easter.
    God bless

    I like the new layout for the blog

  4. Adrienne says:

    God’s blessings on your dear Father. You have a wonderful vacation and don’t worry about the internet. It will be good for you to get away (but we will miss you)

  5. JustMe says:

    Holy mackerel… I’d forgotten all about your Dad — oh heck, Deb, make that first and foremost your second and last thought this week. (Somehow, that didn’t come out right.. lol) Oh, how wonderful. Please pass along our congrats and Welcome Home to him, and give your Mum a hug for us, too.

    You know what? When I went to Ireland, I was offline for days, but then passed an internet cafe (uh, not to even mention the lobby computer on the hotel wall that was 2 Euro for 30 min. I think), and I accessed my account only to find out a friend had died. Well, perhaps we were meant to find it out, as we all knew her, and she loved Ireland, and so in Ireland, we prayed for her right around 6 yrs. ago tomorrow, but perhaps it would’ve been better not to have accessed my account at all.

    Wales. Oh, Deb.. Wales! It is one of the most gorgeous spots on earth. How lucky you are. Maybe you should just bring a notebook and a sketch pad along with your camera, and don’t even try to get online. (Don’t tell me you can’t draw — you have an amazing eye for photographic shots; I’m sure the talent is there for drawing, too.)

    Enjoy. I’ll look in again before you go.

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