A Quiet Life

Because I should be doing other things, but I’m not…

I wrote this as a song and accompanied it with very bad guitar playing actually in 2002. Lately I came across it and thought that I would share it with you …..I could hum you the tune if you put me under enough pressure, I suppose, but long gone are the days when I sang in a band, so there’s no way I’m going to be singing it for you!

This might sound wierd, but I’m kind of bearing my soul by sharing this with you. I don’t have a clue why I would willingly make myself vulnerable like this, or why I feel that sharing this with you makes me feel this way. I suppose it’s because my songwriting comes from my heart rather than my head. This exposes something of the real me. Perhaps I’m afraid you won’t like what you see, if you see the real me? I’ve no idea. I’m not deep enough to work that one out right now and anyway I don’t have time for self analysis. To much to do. I have to be honest and say that I’ve tried to read it like this and it really doesn’t do the song justice without the tune to go along with it. Maybe that’s because I have the tune firmly imprinted on my brain? Perhaps you’ll read it as you would a poem. I’m not sure you should tell me what you think about it, but I’d be interested to know, so if you feel a push from the Holy Spirit, feel free to do so!

All I ever wanted was a quiet life

To settle down, get married and be a wife

Except maybe be a movie star

But I somehow never got that far

All I ever wanted was a little love

To keep me going when things got rough.

Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


All I ever asked for in my prayer each night

Was to have my life turn out alright

Always thought that I would be a hopeless case

I’d done too many things that couldn’t be erased

All I ever wanted was to meet a man,

To meet a man who understands.

Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


Well I’d been around; I’d been lost and found

That all of my dreams had been kicked to the ground

No fairytale endings, no white shining knight

No-one was going to make everything right

I was empty inside; no-one could make me whole

No man on earth could save my soul.

Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


I saw no heavenly light, heard no voice from on high

My hope was all gone, I was all dead inside

I cried out to the Lord, time and again

Would He ever hear me? Would He be my friend?

What did I have to do, to garner His Love?

How loud should I shout to be heard up above?

Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


Was He deaf, was He dumb, this Glorious Son?

Was I beyond redemption, from all that I’d done?

Did He not die to save me, to set my soul free?

Well where was He now, because I couldn’t see?

Did He know of my pain, did He turn a blind eye?

Did He even exist, had it all been a lie?

Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


Then things seemed to change, slowly at first

I’d get up in the morning and know I’d felt worse

My prayers weren’t all answered, as I’d have them be

But I knew I was loved by the King of all Kings

When I’d needed Him most He’d not left me to do die

But like Lazarus He’d loved me back into life.

Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


All it took was a turn of the key in the door

Of this old heart of mine that was aching and sore

He’d been knocking so gently, for all of these years

For the door to be opened, to calm all my fears

To slay all my demons, to tenderly care

O how patiently Jesus had been waiting there.

O yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


© copyright of Debbie Scalise

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3 Responses to A Quiet Life

  1. JustMe says:

    I’ll bet it’s beautiful when you sing it.

  2. Mimi says:

    Oooh, I love it!

  3. John Bowden says:

    beautiful, simply beautiful. Thank you.

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