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I’m a tad distressed….

I can’t recall when I hurt this much over something I’ve read online … apparantly, a post on my little blog has put someone off their calling to religious life at Colwich Abbey simply because I posted a photograph and … Continue reading

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Gordon Bennett Zenit…

After years of subscribing to Zenit email notifications I have well and truly had enough of recieving requests for money…I don’t doubt that they do a great good, but they are not the only Catholic News Agency in the world…and … Continue reading

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Cyber Humility

Just some rambling and not entirely cohesive thoughts on things that are irking me somewhat… Irk 1. Stats I’m under no illusion whatsoever that as far as blogs go, my little blog is of fairly miniscule significance in the blogosphere … Continue reading

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When worhipping in Wales…

When worshipping in Wales, this is the parish I attend, St. David and St. Helen’s. This is a photo taken in the daylight while last there … and this is a picture taken in the evening… The Church is as … Continue reading

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St. Anthony E-Card

© copyright of Debbie Scalise Because we all ask for this great Saint’s intercession so frequently….

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Try to ignore the troll…

…who wrote this (amongst other things) in the combox. “I’m surprised that you have got time to sit on the computer all day, why don’t you spend the time with your children, and these incidents would not occur? Why do … Continue reading

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Upon my heart…..

Prayer requests from the combox….please pray for the following intentions… Nazareth writes: Please pray to Our Heavenly Father that I might get a job soon, as its over three months that I am jobless and have a lot of bills … Continue reading

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