I finally managed to climb out from underneath the laundry pile this afternoon, at least for long enough to go grocery shopping and to peruse my emails. In the space of the 10 days I’ve been absent from the internet, in excess of 700 spam-mails and 166 licit emails have accumulated in my spam/inbox to dispose of/read/acknowledge/mark as unread etc….I can’t decide quite which is worse, wading through the mountain of dirty laundry still to be done, or laboriously trawling through the spambox to try and catch all the genuine emails that strayed there acidentally. On second thoughts, sod it, I’m deleting them all…(I’m dealing with my spambox while writing this post) I just got through 4 pages of

‘grow your bleep by 10 inches without surgery’

‘genuine rolex waiting for you’

‘lose 6 stone in 3 weeks’

‘Make money fast – rob a bank’ (okay, I added the last bit)

‘Greetings from Abrahamin, Prince of …….’

While on the subject of housekeeeping both in my homelife and in cyberspace, now is as good a time as any to mention a couple of things.

It’s been bought to my attention that some blog buddies/online friends may have been experiencing a little difficulty in adding me as a Facebook friend recently. If you have a facebook account and want to add me as a friend feel free to do so by using the following email address – however, it has to be said that if I do not know your ‘blog username/real life’ name, it is unlikely that I shall accept your request, so please, if you want to be facebook friends, type a short message in the appropriate place at the time of your request, and mention that you know me from ‘Ukok’s Place’ etc. I too have made this mistake…assuming that potential facebook friends know who I am….and then I have to clarify that I’m Ukok etc, so please don’t be disgruntled that I mention this. I’m not being uneccessarily anal.

Also, it might be worth my mentioning here that for years now I have used Bloglines to keep track of the blogs I read regularly. Others prefer using google reader or other rss feeders but personally, I prefer using Bloglines. If you’re relatively new to bloggin, you may not be aware of Bloglines or what it can do for you. It’s a great way of getting to read the most recent posts from your favourite blogs. It’s also a great timesaver if you don’t have time to frequent blogs or if you easily lose track of blogs you like (we bloggers visit so many after all!).

Once you’ve created your Bloglines Account (and it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy) the blogs you subscribe to are clearly marked in a column on the left hand side of the page and the blog posts appear on the right side of your screen without you even having to visit the blogs individually on those days when time is all too scarce (be warned, bloglines is no excuse for failing to interact with bloggers – I use it most often to check out who has a new post up and then I click the link on bloglines to their webpage so i can add a comment etc). Blogs with recent unread posts are clearly highlighted so that you can see them at a glance. FWIW there is a button at the bottom of the sidebar on this blog that allows you to subscribe to my meagre blog if you aren’t already subscribed ….and if you are not, why are you not!?! (I’m only foolin’ – no pressure).

There are still about 20 readers subscribed to my old Ukok’s Place blog, so if you are reading this and haven’t updated your subscription to my wordpress blog since I changed over from blogger last year, you might want to consider doing so now, just for your own ease of use and if not to increase my bloglines subscriptions!

Okay. I think that’s it. I’d better get my mountain boots back on so I can tackle the laundry mountain before teatime or my daughter and I won’t be getting fed this evening!

God Bless you!

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2 Responses to Housekeeping

  1. wilsonian says:

    Welcome home 🙂
    Glad you found your way out from under the pile of laundry!

  2. ukok says:

    Thanks Wilsonian! And it’s great to see you here again!

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