Urgent Prayer Request for Lauren

I received this in an email, it’s like Terri Schiavo’s agony all over again, please be patient and read this and then pray for Lauren, who is in danger of having her feeding tube removed by her Mother! No parent has the right to starve her child to death. Full stop :

May I ask you to please pray urgently for the following lady, Lauren, who is in serious danger of death – the story is below. May I also ask ask that you pass this message on to friends, post on your blogs, other Facebook groups etc.

Thank you kindly, and God bless you


Urgent Prayer Request:

I’ve received an urgent prayer request from the family of Lauren Richardson – a young girl at risk of having her feeding tube removed by her mother. There is a special mediation session tomorrow April 7th between her mother and father. Please pray for a good outcome.

Thank you so much — the family appreciate all your prayers so much.



Do not remove Lauren’s feeding tube

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Judie Brown, president of American Life League , released the following statement concerning an order by Delaware Court of Chancery Master Sam Glasscockon to give guardianship of Lauren Richardson to her mother, who wants to remove Lauren’s feeding tube.

“Lauren is 23 years of age and, due to a heroin overdose, is now in a persistent vegetative state. At the time of the overdose, Lauren was expecting the birth of her baby and reports indicate that she was ‘kept alive’ to allow her to give birth, which she did in February of last year. Her daughter is now about to celebrate her first birthday, but Lauren may never have another birthday.

“Of interest is the fact that, during the pregnancy, Lauren relied on ‘feeding tubes and a breathing machine’ to keep her alive. Today Lauren has a feeding tube only. But there is a struggle going on regarding whether or not Lauren will live or die.

“Lauren’s case is more than a sad commentary on the plight of a family battling over what each of the opponents believes would be in her best interest. Her story is a testimony to the growing philosophy in this country that some, because of their condition, are better off dead than alive.

“Like Terri Schiavo before her, Lauren is not dying nor is she in a terminal condition. She has been diagnosed as someone in a ‘persistent vegetative state,’ someone who is very much alive but locked in her body and unable to express her desires to anyone. The only thing Lauren is relying on is a feeding tube without which she will starve to death. Lauren’s mother, who is Lauren’s guardian, wants the feeding tube removed while Lauren’s father is fighting to keep Lauren alive.

“This family is in our prayers. We hope that, in the interest of respecting Lauren’s dignity as a human being whose future improvement or lack thereof is known only to God, the court will listen carefully to those who argue in favor of Lauren’s right to life. It is a tragedy beyond description when any human being’s fate rests solely on the subjective opinion of others, some of whom truly believe that patients like Lauren have no ‘quality of life’ and therefore are better off dead.”

Read more and see a picture of beautiful Lauren here.

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2 Responses to Urgent Prayer Request for Lauren

  1. Vivian says:

    I’m a widow age 60 I lost my job in Jan 09, lost my home in April,lost my car in April, I now have a job but no way to do it without a car. My daughter Rebecca 14 has Juv Diabetes, Neice Kelly has Rhu Arthritis,Greg Back Pain,Sherry Polo, Sandra MS,Mom Diabetes/BP,Ron Stomach,Rodger Heart/BP,myself/daughters depression, need the means to repay those friends kind enough to help us.And find a new home/car. God is with us just as he was the three hebrew children in the furnace, and daniel in the Lion’s den. All these things I ask in Jesus name. Amen God bless you for all you do for Jesus Amen.

  2. ukok says:

    Vivian, i am praying for your intentions. I have also put this prayer request on the main page of my blog so that others will see your request and pray for your intentions.

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