The I’ve Got the Urge’ meme….

I’ve been memed by Jean! This is a good thing today since there is a lot of ‘heaviness’ in my life right now and it isn’t all because I’m overweight, so thanks Jean for allowing me the opportunity to have a mini- rant! There doesn’t seem to be any rulez with this meme (though everyone else seems to have written positive things) so I think it’s basically a matter of recording 10 things that I have the ‘urge’ to do right now, I don’t know how truthful I can be here…oh blow it, I’m going all out for honesty…

1. I have the urge to scream very loudly and to ask to be given the courtesy to speak without being ‘talked over’ or made to feel that I have nothing within me of significance to be heard.
2. I have the urge to ‘jack it all in’…not life, just certain elements of life that are particularly oppressive for me at the moment.
3. I have the urge to open the front door, walk through it and not to return to this life. I would, except that I couldn’t survive without my children and we are not in a position to go anywhere! (and the problems I have would still follow me anyway!)
4. I have the urge to tell some bloggers not to be so concerned about their stats, it makes them seem bl-egotistical and I am less inclined to visit their blogs if they continue to be stat obsessed. A higher stat count doesn’t mean that a blog is better appreciated.
5. I have the urge to worship somewhere other than my ‘regular’ parish and may look into that.
6. I have the urge to never do another meme – but I always do them because I like the opportunity to talk about myself because I am a neurotic egoist.
7. I have the urge to go out and buy something really calorific to eat for while I am watching the telly this evening.
8. I have the urge to have ‘doormat’ tatooed on my forehead.
9. I have the urge to wallow in a tidal wave of self pity.
10. I have the urge to ask my daughter to make her Mummy a nice cup of tea…because tea, my friends, makes everything better…

Consider yourself tagged if you are reading this!

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5 Responses to The I’ve Got the Urge’ meme….

  1. Antonia says:

    I think everyone goes through periods in life of feeling like that!

    God Bless

    Glad to see you back from your holiday!


  2. Tea DOES make everything better. I’ve been drinking a lot of it lately. Have you read the book “The Ultimate Tea Diet?”

  3. Rita says:

    Oh dear, I think I may have an urge to do this meme! I also think my “urges” will be pretty similar to your own….probably best if I don’t, the self-pity thing runs big in my life at the moment, something to do with the shabby way I’m being treated at work.

    Best to pray! I’ll be saying one for you too.

    God Bless

  4. Tom says:

    Goodness, you seem to be going through somewhat of a hard time. I pray whatever troubles you is settled and allows you to live in peace with your children. I go through moments like these as well. You know what I do? I PRAY the most sincere prayers my heart can muster.

    On a lighter note, I, too, want something with lots of calories to watch a DVD I just purchased:0)

  5. TO says:

    Aww… quite honest, Ukok. You’re very much appreciated as a blogger, neurotic or not! 🙂

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