Personal Prayer Request Continued…

Today’s appointment was a waste of time.

I got up early to Wonderboy saying he has another headache. I called the doctors to make an appointment and was informed that we couldn’t see the doctor and that we would have to see a ‘nurse practitioner’ instead….i won’t insult nurse practitioners by saying they are people practicing to be nurses, because they are more experienced and highly qualified than a practice nurse….they have the authority to prescribe medication without the doctor’s signature….but well, hey, they are not doctor’s….and when you find an unexplained lump on the back of your kid’s head you want to see a doctor!


The nurse practitioner was very nice. Once we got in there we begin to explain the reason we are there and she smiled a lot and was friendly, making us feel at ease….well, as much at ease as we could be…she looked at my son while feeling his head and said, ‘oh..that’s just a bone’….and smiled vibrantly.

“Oh…riiiiiiiiiggggggggghhht”….I said, “are you sure you are feeling the right thing…because I thought it was a bone too…until…”

“Oh, yes”, she said, ” now I feel it…. it’s further along..yes, now I can feel it….hmmm, I don’t actually know what that is…it could be a gland….but his glands don’t seem to be up….”hmmmm”.

“Right, so what do you think we should do?”, I ask.

“I think you need to see a doctor”, she says, “that way I am covered and you will be happier that you have seen a doctor…it might be nothing, but it’s best to get the doctor to check it out”.

….Yup. That sounds about right.

“So when can we see a doctor?”, I ask.

“We have an appointment at the other surgery tomorrow…”

“Okay, thank you”

So, in the surgery’s efforts to improve efficiency, we will now have had to use two appointments where one would have done in the first place…and we have the anxiety of waiting another day….and we know precisely nothing. Until tomorrow morning when we hope to know more. Hopefully it will be a gland, maybe even a cyst, or a calcium build up…but there is the worry it may be something more…I try not to think about it….how do parents of seriously ill children cope? I hate that I fall apart at a mere ‘lump’.

Thank goodness I prompted her to continue examinging Wonderboy’s head or we could have walked away with her and us thinking it was a bone!

But you are ,making the anxiety easier to contend with. I can’t tell you how very touched and indeed how very grateful I am/we are for your prayers….well, I can, but you won’t really grasp the depth of my apreciation. It’s so good to know that people all over the world are concerned and are praying for my son and for me.

Thank you for caring about this little dysfunctional english family, for though we are strangers to many of you, you sure don’t feel like strangers to me.

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12 Responses to Personal Prayer Request Continued…

  1. Hey, not so much of the disfunctional – we’re all disfunctional to some degree, due to original sin!! And it sounds like you are functioning, albeit on overdrive at the moment, due to a very necessary worrying mother’s instinct! I can’t tell you not to worry, because everyone worries about lumps and bumps in this day and age. Just entrust yourself, your son, and your family to the Divine Mercy, pray for our Blessed Mother’s strength at this time, especially from the foot of the Cross, and know that you are all in our prayers, and that EVERYTHING is in God’s hands.
    (As for headaches, my son experienced them from a very early age, about 6/7 years, along with pongy sweaty armpits, and I was really worried – it seemed hormonal, and he was only 6!! He saw a neurologist, and all he had to say was “oh, you’re smelly are you?” and to me, “some children just get headaches”. That was that then! I reckon it was to do with increased brain activity, (he’d started reading really young, and then couldn’t seem to stop). Also, certain stresses – is you’re lad doing more at school? trying to cope with more work at the moment – also has he had his eyes checked – I know that’s an obvious one.)
    May your family remain in the hearts of Jesus and Mary.

  2. Carol says:

    Amen to all that Maggie said. The waiting is hard, but we’re pulling for you.

  3. pokankuni says:

    I’m going on praying for you and your son, too! Hugs!

  4. Christine M says:

    I’m continuing to pray for your son!

  5. Suzanne says:

    How do other parents of very sick children cope? Deb, probably alot like you are.
    You rely on your Faith and the people here who are your sisters and brothers in Christ and who are to be here to help you through it as best we can while you wait.
    Anytime like this is a time for really letting go and placing in the Father’s Hands because we really just don’t have a choice but to do just that. What other choice do you have? So, you hug and kiss him if he seems worried. Say your prayers calmly as you can with him and alone and try to keep your mind on whatever is at hand. There is no other way. Now, this may all work out okay, so no matter, we have to allow ourselves to think of the positive. That is probably what Wonderboy wants too…
    all he wants from you right now is for you to hold him and say..”Its going to be allright.” One day at a time. Take a deep breath and carry on. Praying with St.
    David may help. The peace of Jesus and Mother Mary is with you…open yourself up to them and rest. Love, Suzanne

  6. Mimi says:

    Continued prayers.

  7. grandmak says:

    My prayers are with you…Only two weeks ago I was doing the worrying about Laura. Being a nurse, I was imagining all sorts of things being the matter. Today, she is well and we know what it was and it was “fixed.” It is sooo hard not to be afraid! God bless all!! Cathy

  8. Gabrielle says:

    Checking in too, Deb. Sorry for your frustrations today and for the delay….more prayers tonight.

  9. Rosemary says:

    Oh Deb, how frustrating. May the appointment go well. Oh Lord, please give the doctor wisdom. May it be nothing at all. And please give Deb your peace that surpasses all understanding. Still praying! He’ll be fine. It’ll be nothing. God bless.

  10. Easter A. says:

    Lots of prayers for your son, Deb, and for you, too.

  11. Easter A. says:

    By the way, Deb, got your site on my sidebar.

    I was inspired by one of the flowers you created that I made my own flowers to cheer 2 or 3 bloggers up and for others to pass that on to those who needed a smile (though picture was not originally created by me). I had to go back to that old post and make you the third blogger.

    Just go to my blog Mostly Prayers and scroll down until you see orange flowers. 🙂

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