The lump situation

Hi folks, we got to the doctors and found that we had to wait for 1 hour and 20 minutes to be seen…I guess there were people with higher priority, but it still seems a long time to wait. Wonderboy was bored stiff and anxious, though other peoples behaviour kept us entertained reasonably well. The doctors has introduced a new system where you don’t speak to a receptionist on arrival, instead you have to touch a computer screen and inform it if you are male or female, your date of birth etc..and then it tells you who you are , what time your appointment is and what doctor you are seeing….well, it amused us for some time watching peoples reactions to it…but then it just got so darned distressing watching elderly patients becoming increasingly frustrated with the ‘new fangled computer’. There were even a few swear words said.

Anyway. Wonderboy was seen by a nice, friendly doctor who had a very reassuring way about her…she was young,european, blonde, slim and had Wonderboy seen her in another few years I imagine he would have been well chuffed to have her asking him to remove the clothing that was covering the top half of his body so she could feel his glands.

As it was, he wasn’t thrilled.

She isn’t sure what the lump is so she has prescribed him some foul tasting antibiotics and says we’ll start off by seeing if the lump is caused by an infection in Wonderboy’s head. She’s concerned about some other stuff too so she wants him to have blood tests. The only thing is that in our bloody backwards country, we have to wait a week (well, almost) for a blood test appointment (next Wednesday – and that’s supposed to be urgent!!!!)…and then a week after that we have to see her again to see if the lump has responded to the antibiotics…the blood test will test his iron and thyroid in addition to other stuff i don’t understand. She also says the lump could be a cyst, but she isn’t sure at this point. Hopefully it will respond well to the antibiotics and disappear altogether.

The other thing is that Wonderboy has had a significant amount of hair loss in the past 6-9 months or so, we discussed this in brief, Wonderboy refused to talk about it, just kind of grunted…and she confirmed what we already know, that it is stress related. There’s a few different things going on with him both physically and emotionally, he’s getting some help at school at last, but that isn’t consistant and I worry a lot about him, he’s so introverted emotionally and can be quite antagonistic, though he really is a lovely young lad, he’s sullen and moody…a lot of it has to do with the transition into becoming a teenager i’m sure, but I think he get’s a lot of his anger issues from his father too. Well, I would say that, but it happens to be true. I swear it’s genetic, or at least as a result of the things he witnessed in mine and his father’s relationship, early on in his life.

So, there we have it, no diagnosis, just a few maybe’s. It’s bothersome that we don’t have a definate on anything, but the blood tests are next Wednesday and then a week after we will have the doctors appointment which will hopefully tell us more.

The good news, at least I think it’s good news, is that the doctor didn’t tell us we needed to go to the hospital…we may end up there eventually of course, but I’m not unduly alarmed….her calm attitude about it has helped me to see that this is quite likely nothing serious. Of course, that doesn’t stop me having tearful little episodes when I’m lying in the bath (with the water running, no one can hear me), but what mother doesn’t worry about her children?

Many thanks for your concen and prayers, I will let you know more as and when I know more myself.

God Bless you all and may he shower you with blessings for the compassion you have shown to me and mine!

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8 Responses to The lump situation

  1. It’s so hard to go on “not knowing.” Prayers that this medication does the trick. I’m glad that you found a doctor that you feel is knowledgeable and gentle–that’s very good!

  2. Mimi says:

    Arg to “not knowing” as Barb so wonderfully put it. Continued prayers and hopes that the antibiotics do the trick!

  3. Antonia says:

    Heya! sorry to hear you had to wait such a long time; there must’ve been some kind of problem with a patient earlier on in the day because 1hr20 is a LOOOONG time! (also, I totally agree the nurse thing beforehand….a waste of time & resources! Nurses are okay at tweaking simple medicines, like asthma inhalers and stuff, but not diagnosing medical conditions!! I certainly would not want to be diagnosed by a nurse!)

    I hope the antibiotics help! It doesn’t sound like it’s anything serious; he is otherwise physically well and fit with no other symptoms to make us think it’s something worrying. I once had a random skin lump too; the GP had no idea what it was, it stayed for about 3 months and then just went away.

    with lotsa love & prayers


  4. So glad the doctor was nice and capable. May you have peace the next two weeks. I hate these lump things. I’ve gone through it twice with two of my children. One was a cyst. One was a bone spur. May the Lord wrap his arms around you and your family and may you feel his love keenly. And we love you too! He’ll be fine but we’ll keep praying everything will be resolved peacefully. God bless.

  5. Tom says:

    My prayers are with you and your son.

    Perhaps the most difficult aspect about all this is the lack of certainty. To have to wait and wait and wait for a concrete diagnosis is nothing short of torture. I’m sure, however, that things will be okay. We’ll pray together – you from where you’re at and me from where I am – for the health of your son.

    God bless.

  6. Owen says:

    Not knowing is brutal.

  7. mum6kids says:

    Modern medicine *sigh*.
    I hope the antibiotics do something good.
    God bless you-you really are carrying some mighty crosses at the moment.
    Hang in there and here’s a {{{HUG}}}

  8. ukok says:

    Thanks for your continued concern and prayers folks. I kep feeling his head and hoping it has disappeared…not every ten minutes, but daily, well in the morning and at night. So far it’s not budging. He’s only got a couple more days on the antibiotics too. God give us the strength that we need to endure whtever lies ahead. I can’t think about it to be honest. Just have to keep putting it out of my mind or I’d go mental.

    (((big hugs to all)))

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