The Facebook Song!

I think it’s time for some light relief…

This is just hilarious….and sadly, more than a little bit true…oops, shouldn’t have admitted that should I ?

To be facebook friends with this socially inept chicklet just click the yellow facebook icon of me on the right column of the blog. LOL! ->

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5 Responses to The Facebook Song!

  1. Carol says:

    That IS hilarious! I don’t know if anyone here or all who use my computer has a Facebook page, but all the ‘kids’ have MySpace pages (as do I, plus a My Yearbook page, per the request of my little long-distance cousin and her girls, tho’ my passwords slipped through my mental sieve long ago). In my digital camera as well in daughter’s, one will find approximately 50 poses of each kid, 38 of which are hilarious. My own ‘image’ is a graphic of a swan on a pond that formed across from the ocean, but it’s rather the reflection of her as she sails toward shore – I posted it upsidedown.

    I see you’ve Simpsonized your photo? Cute! Honestly, what will folks think of next?! 🙂 I’d like to keep up with it all, so I’ll know what grandkids are talking about later..(I had NO idea that “Webkins” existed until I learned that granddaughter was nuts about them). All this stuff is a neat way to stay in touch with everyone, and to meet new folks, and I guess Facebook is becoming THE way to network? I have a different venue’s Space, which I’ve never used –it came as a mandatory *option* and has managed to cause some trouble by allowing other Space folks to be visisbly linked to me there and/or to issue invitations. I had no idea anyone had done so until daughter called and said, “Have you ever heard of ‘Don’s Little Cubby’?” I hadn’t, tho’ she assured me it had something to do with my email account.. then when she asked about a certain long-ago screen name of Don’s, I knew it was my old friend and his wife over there in your Sussex, but daughter yelled, “OMG! You almost caused me a divorce! Bri thought I was fooling around!”

  2. BJ Buracker says:

    Wow! That’s amazing, sad, funny, depressing…

    Thanks for that!

    Stupid Scholar

    PS – Be my friend? 🙂

  3. Owen says:

    I still don’t have an account and somehow I manage to keep on living. But yeah, I blog.

  4. ukok says:

    BJ, of course we can be friends!



    I know. I know! I think you should get an account tho’…i mean you don’t have to be active on their or anything …i totaslly ignored my facebook account for months…it just fascilitates another means for my friends and family to interact with me.


    p.s. yeah, i know….you can STILL live without it 😉


    you are the very first person to introduce me to Webkins! Congratulations!

    ….and you have friends in Sussex? Do you ever come over to visit them?

  5. Elena says:

    Those guys are actually pretty good singers!

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