When worhipping in Wales…

When worshipping in Wales, this is the parish I attend, St. David and St. Helen’s.

This is a photo taken in the daylight while last there …

and this is a picture taken in the evening…

The Church is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside and over the past 3 or four years I’ve had the good fortune to worship there for about 5 weeks of every year…i’ve even been there for Easter Vigil ….although Holy Saturday (the first year we were there) was lovely, Dad and I could hardly breathe after a cheap ‘barbecue tin foil tray of charcoal’ was set alight for the pachal fire…thick black plumes of choking smoke were sent billowing through the little church and Dad and I spent most of Easter Vigil trying to not have an asthma attack!

When I first began attending Mass there Canon McNamara was saying Mass, I believe he is now in a nursing home/rest home and I alsobelieve he is now about 90 years young! I have a lot of good memories in and of this parish.

The sad thing about visiting a parish so infrequently though, is that there is very little opportunity to develop friendships, and the priests have changed a few times too, but then they had Fr. Jose for a couple of years, he was from India…and what a pleasant and joyful priest he was…he even began remembering my family whenever we visited…sadly for us, we discovered on our last holiday in Wales that he was returning to India and that Fr. Santosh would now become priest of the parish instead.

I have had the opportunity to attend Mass when Fr. Santosh has celebrated Mass and although Mass isn’t about the ‘enjoyment factor’ so to speak, i really do believe that the parish is blessed…well yes, obviously it is, but I mean something more…it seems to be a genuinely joyful parish. I dare say that if i attended Mass there weekly, that I would see things differently, but I rather like the impression St. David and St. Helen makes on me and I always very much look forward to returning once again….in fact the only thing i find unfavourable about the parish are the kneelers….but then we can’t have everything can we 🙂

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4 Responses to When worhipping in Wales…

  1. Tom says:

    Beautiful Church! When I move to Europe that shall be my home parish;0)

  2. What a beautiful church!!!! I love the night photo.

  3. ukok says:


    there is a story behind the nightime photo that i will share with you soon 🙂


    O you tease! I thought you were going to live in a place beginnning with ‘N’…was it Nebraska…New York….Nantucket? Oh I dunno….you’re just a flibberty gibbet you are, young master Tom 😛

    …although i guess if you made that your home parish i could put up with you for 5 Sundays of the year..just about 😉

  4. Scott says:

    beautiful church… at the Easter Vigil where I was brought into the Church, they couldnt get the fire lit outside, it was so cold and windy that night, it became almost comical… almost

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