Gordon Bennett Zenit…

After years of subscribing to Zenit email notifications I have well and truly had enough of recieving requests for money…I don’t doubt that they do a great good, but they are not the only Catholic News Agency in the world…and really, if i see another Zenit email like the one below, I think I would spit! I know they require funding, but do they have to ask for it in EVERY email?

If we divide our annual fund-raising goal of $380,000 by the 130,000 ZENIT’s English-edition private readers, the amount for each one a year is about $3 — about the price of three or four daily newspapers !

We already know that, in fact, it is not possible to receive $3 from each of our 130,000 private readers. But perhaps we can receive $50 from 7,600 of you!

Are you among the 7,600 who can send $50? Your generosity will benefit all Zenit readers.

As many readers have already done, could you cover the $50 for three or four or more missionaries?

Please, think about it!
Send your donation today!

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