Cut the Cable….

I don’t have cable TV, in part that is due to a lack of funds, in part it’s because when we did have it for a short while I realised how much innapropriate programming was on it and how my kids were drawn to watching it….what with MTV and the like purporting to be music channels yet all the while merely using the medium to promote soft porn….what with their gyrating, scantily clad women and men appearing in supposed music videos…ugh! If you ask me, if you need sex to sell music, then the music ain’t that good in the first place.

Besides which.

I spent a fortune on the shopping channels.

The cable had to go.

So I got rid of it…eventually….after watching every single episode of Alias from season 4 and 5 within the space of 10 days! It was hard going but well worth it ….especially as it was free to watch as a Virgin ‘thank you’ to their faithful customers.

I hadn’t seen season 1, 2 or 3 but with a show like Alias that isn’t really necessary and anyway, I was hooked after watching the first episode of season 4!

So I’d been merrily watching away when

the bomb fell.

I discovered that Virgin wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and that they have their fingers in WAY too many pies (Oh my goodness, read that link and tell me that’s not scary!!) which basically equates to poor servicve in many of the areas they cover.

It’s a company I now despise, not least because they treated me with abismal customer service after they took over from NTL …or that thy overcharged me by hundreds of pounds (at one point they had me listed twice on there computers- yup, two lots of bills) and redirected all my phone quieries to a non or barely english speaking person living in India…each of whom had a limited number of responses of which they seemingly constituted only;

~ I am sorry Madame, I do not understand your quiery.

~ I am sorry Madame, it is not my department to speak with you about this.

~ Yes, I will put you through to the department you require….which actually means they will cut you off and have a blooming good laugh about you with their colleagues when you can hear them saying things like ‘Stupid english, stupid english HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!, before they put their phone down.

~ Madame, I am afraid I can not hear you, I must now put down the phone and would be pleased to help you later.

etc etc etc…..

….So the upshot has been that Virgin had the gall to charge me for watching all the ‘Advertised as FREE’ Alias programmes….and even after numerous screw ups billed me for over £124.00 for watching them!

Eventually….after about 15 phone calls…for which I was never reimbursed…they said they were sorry about the misunderstanding and asked , would I give them another go if they gave me a reason to stay….well call me a stupid English person, but I did…and lo and behold…they didn’t give me the ‘special treatment’ they said I’d get for being a loyal customer ….in fact, they promptly removed from my bank account, the £124 quid for the free Alias episodes i’d watched…. in addition to the cost of my phone, Cable and broadband which i had with them…..the final straw came when I rang them to end my phone contract …they said it would take effect from month later as I had just days before paid for that particular month ahead. The very next day my phone stopped working. I thought it was the phone in the lounge so I tried the others on the house. Nil. Nothing. Nada. They never reimbursed me for the month they removed my phone service.

So, that was when I ripped the Modem out, extracted the Virgin Cable Box from the tangled mess of TV/video/dvd cables behind the TV cabinet and phoned them (by mobile (cell) phone) with one last request.

“Collect your stuff from my house within the next 7 days or i’m going to trading standards!!!”

Rather surprisingly, they did.

Oh, sure enough, they bungled even that up by saying that they only came to collect the TV Cable box… but I soon sorted that out…in no uncertain terms I told the man who came to my house, that he wasn’t leaving unless he took the modem as well. He must have thought I was one wierd and desperate woman.

But he obeyed.

2 weeks later Virgin sent me a letter with a complimetary and very cheaply made (probably in India – do the same people make them that answer the phones?) cotton eye mask….it really was hilarious…because yes…I would really be persuaded to return to a crappy business like theirs… I know that they have happy customers, truly I do...because they sent me a nasty, scratchy eye mask with a message to ‘relax’ printed on it……GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

I was perfectly ruddy relaxed until they started taking money off me hand over fist! Perhaps if Richard Branson cared as much for his customers as he did for incompetently abseiling down skyscrapers then I would still be with Virgin today!

Anyway, so where was I? Oh yes, I remember now. I don’t have cable tv.

There was a point to this, but I know you must be getting fed up with tediously log posts so I’ll continue this in another post…

Have a great day!

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4 Responses to Cut the Cable….

  1. Owen says:

    Never had cabel. Never will. Don’t have an outdoor aerial or satellite. One pair of busted rabbit ears. Get four channels, sometimes but never watch. Why even have a TV? For the DVD’s we borrow from the library or occasionally rent, I guess.

    P.S. Forgive me…I skimmed but I got the main point 🙂

  2. ukok says:

    Good for you Owen! When i lived in a religious community (the cult) I managed without telly for a couple of years. It’s so often brain numbingly dull!

  3. Easter A. says:

    Deb, you are so funny! 🙂 We have cable only because where we live, without cable, all we would see are snows and little lines that go up and down :-). Our mountains get in the way. We watch TV very rarely. We watch the news when we can and occasionally, Discovery, History, Geographic, or the Food Channel (my husband likes to cook). My children do not watch TV. When Monk is on, only my 2 teens get to watch it and that is only one hour per week.
    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  4. ukok says:

    Easter, I LOVE watching Monk 🙂

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