The ‘All About me’ Alphabet Meme

The theme for this meme is that using the 26 letters of the alphabet you will express who you are, what you do, your interests, what matters to you etc….and you have to write it within 26 minutes…I haven’t seen this anywhere, though I’m sure it’s so obvious an idea that other bloggers have done it before!

Rightio, I’ll start us off….

B: Brittish Blogger
C: Curmudgeonly
D: Decidedly undecided, though more indecisive than undecided, and never with regard to important issues
E: Expressive
F: Faith-full and faithful
G: Grey = there is no such word as ‘grey’ in my vocabulary (except for the purpose of this meme). There are never any ‘grey areas’ with me
H: Hor-moan-al
I: Impatient
J: June 1st
K: Knight-less
L: Laptops rule, PC’s drool
M: Mother to two wonderful children and a dog who believes she is the third child of the family
N: Nikon DSLR and all things photographic-al
O: Offal. Hate it. There is never a good reason to eat animal organs
P: Purgatory bound (I hope)
Q: Quintessentially quirky (or so i’ve been told)
R: rotund (positively bovine actually)
S: Sacraments (Thank God for them, no really, we should)
T: Tomboy type. I hate skirts, but i’m forcing myself to wear them occasionally in an attempt to look a little less masculine!
U: Unadorned (meaning, no make- up or jewellery, not without clothes, silly!)
V: Vehicular transport. I love the freedom driving gives me. I came to it later in life and am so thankful for it.
W: Waffler
X: X Factor. I admit it. I’m addicted.
Y: yoghurt. Never used to eat it…“urgh…there’s bacteria in it? Gross!”…I like it now. Probably because i’m almost 40 and my teeth are extracted or break off on all too regular a basis for my liking.
Z: zitty chinned.

Let me know in the combox if you are going to be playing along! (if you don’t have a blog type your answers in the combox).

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16 Responses to The ‘All About me’ Alphabet Meme

  1. Suzanne says:

    A – Argumentative
    B – Big baby
    C – Cuddly
    D – Don Bosco (saint buddy)
    E – Eager
    F – Fun (I like to be when possible)
    G – Grateful
    H – Honesty is important to me
    I – Idealist at times (not always a good thing!)
    J – jacka_ _ (sometimes…!)
    K – Kind (when I’m not being a jacka_ _!)
    L – Loving (well, at least I wanna be when folks
    around here want that from me!)
    M – Mother who loves Music!
    N – Nutty
    O – Obedient (Sure try to be!)
    P – Pugnacious (I can’t remember what it means
    but it was a vocabulary word that we were
    throwing around here this year….uh..why
    can’t I remember the meaning though –
    scratching my head…oh yeah…eager to
    fight…yeah, that seems to be me sometimes! lol!
    Q- Quilt lover
    R- Romantic
    S – Sincere
    T – Teaser (just sometimes..lightly)
    U – Understanding (I believe mostly I am)
    V – Vain (I try not to be…but I am some, like I
    I color my hair , you know…)
    W – Wise (Fairly so)
    X – Xenophile (Bet you don’t know what that
    means! Its true…I mean after all, I am
    interested in you and your culture! ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    Y – Youthful (When life doesn’t get too serious
    then I have to work really hard to hold onto
    that..who doesn’t?)
    Z- zany with a Z in my name …Love, Suzanne! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for inviting me…that was fun…yours was too!

  2. Jennifer says:

    off to play…..

  3. Holly says:

    I have a grey area dilemma to pose to you. Part of my education when I was in year 8 (13 years old) involved ethics and morality.

    One situation posed to us was the following:
    A mother is changing her infant son. He fusses so she tickles him on his genitals to make him giggle.

    Is this right or wrong?

    I could never really decide on this one. On one hand: ick. On the other hand, the mother isn’t trying to stimulate him for her own sick needs, she’s just tickling him. And in other cultures this might be perfectly acceptable behaviour and might look at Westerners as freaks for even thinking this could be in any way sexual. A baby has no awareness of this kind of thing, but if you caught a babysitter with their hand down your baby’s nappy you would call the police regardless of whether the baby was old enough to realise what was happening or care one way or the other.

    10 years later and I still haven’t decided what I feel about this one.
    What do you think?

  4. ukok says:


    ‘xenophile’ oo err, hark at you knowing what that means, I had to go look it up at!

    Love your answers!


    I’ll be checking them out ๐Ÿ™‚


    ickety ick ick ick….for most babies, a smile or a shake of a rattle to divert their attention would be enough to settle them long enough to put a nappy on…. failing that, a mother could hold a towel over their sprinkler system and tidy up when they’ve finished, if they won’t keep still.

    If a baby boy is quietened, or giggles when its mother touches his genitalia, obviously he either enjoys it or it causes some kind of pleasurable sensation in him. If tickling a baby boys genitals is about making him laugh, why not tickle his toes instead?

    Shame he hadn’t learned the words ‘Get off my private parts Mama!”, at that stage ๐Ÿ™‚

    Either way unless necessary for some phsyical reason (medical or hygiene), I wouldn’t advise anyone to introduce that as a norm in western culture. Our kids learn so much from us in those early years…the incident may have been a one off, but the mother you mention could have been changing his nappies for up to three years, if he came to expect his ‘bits’ to be tickled each time he had a nappy change for instance, then it certainly would be bizzarre.

    And here’s maybe a question for the mother….if the baby had been a girl, would she still have proceeded to quieten her fracitous baby girl in the same way at nappy changes?

    If not, why not?

  5. Suzanne says:

    Eewwww.gotta comment too…hope you don’t mind!
    Man, there’s enough problems in our world without mommas thinking this is the place to tickle their little boys! For pete’s sake, boys have enough things to arouse them all of their lives…why would a momma
    want to help that along anytime … believe me… that’s just almost cruel .. in a way..think about it! She can’t be so, excuse me…silly, to think it absolutely won’t cause some kind of additional problem later if she finds this
    no big deal…nope..nada…would not start something like that.
    For what its worth!

  6. Owen says:

    A. Avoids memes

  7. hope you are heaven bound ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Easter A. says:


    I just read your comment on my newest post. Boy, you crack me up! hahahaha…

    It is good to be here. I love your sense of humour, and I want you to know that I would love to do this meme sometime this week or next week… for now I got to do my walking and then finish laundry then back to homeschooling… heeheehee… I know I’ll get around to doing this. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Rosemary says:

    Your answers are so clever Deb. I feel a little intimidated but I think I may try this one tomorrow.

  10. ukok says:

    Rosemary, intimidated by my answers? Surely not, my lovely. I look forward to reading your responses ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Jean says:


    Your answers were funny and creative. Esther tagged me for this meme and I enjoyed it. However, I did it quickly late at night when I was tired and my responses weren’t nearly as creative or as amusing as yours. You can find my responses here:

    Thanks for sharing this.

    God bless you!

  12. Easter A. says:

    Debbie, did it :-).

  13. ukok says:

    So glad so many of you took up this meme!

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