Gag me ? You wish you could.

Perhaps it’s a sign that I need to unsubscribe from some of the blogs I am currently subscribed to, when time after time I read regurgitated posts…the kind that one blogger starts and another 20 or 30 or 40 of (some) of the other blogs I subscribe to, copy and/or plagiarise other bloggers posts.

I believe that most Catholic bloggers are generally cyclical bloggers…they (generally) frequent the same blogs, subscribe to the same blog feeds, leave comments in the same comboxes…so with that in mind, how many times does one need to see the same Youtube video or the same news story posted on so many of them?

Short sharp shock….if someone writes something/posts something you wished you’d thought of writing or posting, just be honest and link to it instead…a link to an original article/post/video is much better blog ettiquette.

Gah! Makes me want to spit.

And something else on a not entirely unrelated point I must mention…..(though this is not the primary point of this post)

An irritatingly unfunny example of this is a youtube video that’s been all over the Catholic blogosphere like a rash of late….I mean no offence to those who have posted about this, but as much as I love the Blessed Virgin Mary, if I see another of the blogs i’m subscribed to posting about the ’50 Reasons to say/pray the Rosary’, it’s going to make me gag.

As I wrote in the combox of this post, and will write here just to clarify….I don’t refer to the postings of youtube video as plagiarism….(and I enjoyed watching the video, on fact).

That same video has shown up in more than 20+ of my feeds for different Catholic blogs i read….there is absolutely nothing wrong with the video…but why can’t people just say hey, there’s a great video over at Fr. Whatsisnames…go see it….no they have to say…look what I found on Youtube today…even when that same person has left a comment in Fr Whatsisnames post saying what a great video it is…and that is the ONLY reason i mention it!

okay, rant over.

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13 Responses to Gag me ? You wish you could.

  1. Esther says:

    Hi Deb:

    I know what you are saying. However, in this case, a blogger in Spain actually left a comment on our blogs regarding this video.

  2. ukok says:


    that’s great!

    I just wish (almost) every blog i visited this week hadn’t posted the same thing.

    And really, I just threw that last bit in there as an example of how it can be, more than anything, this is actually about plagiarism. I’ve seen so much of it lately. Well all the time actually.

    And on blogs and by bloggers that should know better.


  3. Carol says:

    When I think of what we and all our kids are hearing in place of such as this YouTube, oh, I doubly welcome it! (Plus, it all went by so quickly, I couldn’t really believe there were 50 testimonies!)

    I don’t think this is a matter of plagiarism. If a YouTube is up for grabs, it’s up for grabs! That comes in handy for us all now and then. With this one, I think folks were genuinely impressed, genuinely pleased to post it.

    (I subscribe to only a little more than a handful of blogs; it keeps me down to a dull roar in matters of the Church. Also, I have literally had to have a talk with myself about how no one here owes us a thing. If I’m everhungry for substance, that is not any others’ obligation. Rather, that’s when I quote Ghandi to meself, “That which you desire for yourself is what you must become for the world.”)

  4. AutumnRose says:

    Tbh, after feeling sickened at the level of sin this society has sunk to over the last 24 hours, due to the HFE bill voted on last night, I could watch the 50 reasons video 50 times over!

    I haven’t seen it anywhere else but my blog, and the Spanish one [the writer of whom led me to it through a comment]…we obviously don’t visit the same blogs! 😉

  5. ukok says:

    Carol and AR,

    I don’t refer to the postings of youtube video as plagiarism….at least i don’t mean to. That same video has shown up in more than 20 of my feeds for differnet Catholic blogs i read….there is absolutely nothing wrong with the video…but why can’t people just say hey, there’s a great video over at Fr. Whatsisnames…go see it….no they have to say…look what I found on Youtube today…even when that same person has left a comment in Fr Whatsisnames post!

    But as i said, this post is about plagiarism….people who come across a post, wish they’d written it, mix the words up a little and then pass it off as their own…I saw this exact thing occur on two blogs i frequent, this very day….one of the blogs pasisng their words off as originals. I am seriously contemplating unsubscribing from that blog.

  6. AutumnRose says:

    I agree Ukok ~ plagiarism is niether honest nor fair!

  7. Carol says:

    Oh, thaaaat. 🙂 When I did used to look around more, I occasionally saw someone lift something without giving credit to where it was found, even tho’ it may be (and at times most assuredly was) a unique find that the other someone had searched long and hard for. I’ve never seen outright plagiarism – stealing creative text and just tweaking it – but appropriating another’s find,–yes, and certainly I agree that one might just kindly point to it.

  8. Owen says:

    Well, if you’re all lookin’ for something you’ve never seen anywhere else (and probably never will) look at my blog. Heh heh heh.

  9. Owen says:


    Per the credit where credit is due thing, oh I agree 100%

    Per the thing were say I subscribe to a bunchoblogs and a number of them happen to write about similar things or even post the same well, it’s really not any of their fault I’m subscribed to each of them. 🙂

    Per the all over the place within the Catholic blogosphere, honey, that’s one of the reasons I quit blogging only in the CB and returned to the world WIDE web 😉 But obviously I still hang with my Cat’olic crowd.

  10. mum6kids says:

    I see this cut’n’paste the other blogs post thing a lot. I don’t really see the point. If a blogger has nothing to post of their own-don’t post. It drives me mad going around seeing the same thing everywhere-without even a different take on the subject.

    No one has ever done it to me though *sigh* I really am that boring :))

  11. Owen says:

    The mum with six kids and you Deb certainly have a point there. Here’s to originality especially in the blogosphere.

  12. Tim J. says:

    Yeah, the blogosphere can feel like an echo chamber, at times.

    I don’t see much point in having a blog, if one is not going to post original material. I often find interesting things on other blogs, but I will always trackback and give credit before riffing on it myself.

    Sometimes, I’ll go to leave a comment on someone else’s blog, and it morphs into a post of my own. It might be that I feel it’s getting too long to leave in a combox, or that I just feel it might be of interest to my half-dozen regular readers.

    Another thing I want to avoid (and I haven’t succeeded, completely) is the default negativity of a lot of the blog world. You know, finding stories about stupid, evil people is really not that hard, but so many posts seem to follow the formula; 1) Find something stupid happening somewhere, 2) Write about how stupid it is, and get in some cleverly worded digs, 3) implicitly congratulate yourself and your readers for not being that stupid.

    There are times when this kind of thing is called for, but a steady diet of it can be a bit toxic.

    I’d rather blog about beer, cheese and art. Then again, sometimes I start tossing out my opinion on things as if people really needed to hear *another* opinion. God save all us bloggers from our own egos.

  13. ukok says:


    thanks for your understanding and my apologies for being unclear in the first place 🙂

    Good point about it not being ‘their’ fault if we are subscribed to them….but yup it’s annoying that so many have to copy cat one another to get a post out there into cyberspace


    Mum 6 Kids,

    I’m glad I’m not alone in seeing the copy and paste type thing on so many blogs and that so few of them have anything new to say…it’s like some bloggers don’t even have an opinion of their own.


    spot on….it is like an echo chamber at times…and that’s what makes something like the blogosphere, that has the potential to be absolutely rivetting can delude me into wondering I even want to be a part of it at times…it can be so cliquey and samey….and just why blog at all if one doesn’t have the capacity to muster an original thought?

    Ah….give me blog posts about art and cheese any day of the week, though a a tee-totaller, i can live without the beer posts 😉

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