Who can Recieve Communion?

At 160 comments and still going strong after more than 11 months…the Closed Communion post….feel free to continue watching and contributing…


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3 Responses to Who can Recieve Communion?

  1. You left such a nice, encouraging comment on a recent post.

    Thank you so much. I am especially grateful for how you have prayed for me, for us.

    God bless you greatly, Sis.

  2. From one who never had children of my own, I consider you blessed to be able to care for Wonder and Prima…they are both in my prayers today.

    Mom too!

    Blessings on your family, UKOK.

  3. ukok says:


    You are welcome, and you and ours remain in my prayers!


    I am bessed!

    Though I may not always feel like it, I know I am. Many thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers for me and mine.

    God Bless you!

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