Our Sunday in Pictures

I thought it would be fun to share our family Sunday with you in photographs that I took today (with the exception of the picture of the procession , which I took 2 weeks ago at Mass)

After breakfast this morning we attended Mass together…

When we got home from Church we had a quick lunch of hot chicken wings, crusty bread, stilton and olives as the children were really hungry.

…but later I went all out to cook us a traditional Sunday lunch, which included my favourite chicken casserole… I’d have preferred more onions but i forgot to buy more…DOH!

The casserole was accompanied by steaming hot brocolli and cauliflower florets….

and roast potatoes… especially for Primadonna who doesn’t like potatoes in hardly any other form…

And yorkshire (batter) puddings…

….they look a bit burnt around the edges in this pic, but the kids were arguing over who had the last one so they can’t have been all that bad..I cooked them from frozen and didn’t make them from scratch so that was a bit of a cheat, but hey… i was busy!

And of course besides the lashing of gravy, there just had to be some Colmans Mustard (though actually i prefer french grain)…

(incidentally, the heir to the Colman Empire proposed marriage to my cousin over 20 years ago….she said ‘no’ even though he bought her a sports car….)

For dessert was a shop bought Rocky Road pie…it was the first time we’d ever had it and i thought it was really horrid..i’m sure the authentic american version is much nicer though ….

Here’s a pic of Wonderboy eyeing up his lunch, rather cautiously…..

…before happily tucking in….

..and here’s Primadonna, attempting to teach us something…..she says it helps her to revise for her exams if she gives us mini lectures….but I told her to put her work away….

After lunch I left the room for a few minutes and when I returned i thought i’d walked into the wrong house….Wonderboy was washing dishes …he’s only ever done that once before, and even then he broke something, so this was a really  BIG surprise!

The kids even started to fight over who got to wear the industrial stength ‘marigolds’…

..the play fighting continued throughout the afternoon and long into the evening….

…i bought out Twister for the kids to play….to give some structure to their pointless wrestling…

…and I tried my best to wear them out…..

I hope you enjoyed the little sneaky peak into this English Family’s Sunday!

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23 Responses to Our Sunday in Pictures

  1. Looked like a fabadoosy day!
    Why is wonderboy examining the serving spoon so meticulously – my hubby does that on the rare occasion that he does a dish or two – is it a male thing, or is it because he’s short-sighted?!!

  2. Tom says:

    Great pics, Deb!!

    “Yummy – Yummy – Yummy – I got love in my tummy” is what I say about the traditional Sunday lunch! LOL!

    Your’s is a kind and loving family:0)

    God bless.

  3. Esther says:

    Nice photos Deb. Lunch looks delicious. Your children seem to be very close. How sweet! Would have liked to have seen you in the photos too.

  4. Rosemary says:

    I did enjoy it. Felt like I was right there with you. Looks like a fun family day. I’ve never had yorkshire puddings. Are they sweet? And is your daughter every beautiful! (Course, son is quite handsome too.)

  5. Adrienne says:

    Oh my – it all looks wonderful. Food, fun, family!

  6. our kids love yorkshire puds too – esp DD – no frozen ones here but they are easy to whip up … and we all like roast pots too. But yesterday we barbequed and it was lovely.

  7. rosemary Yorkies are savoury – you eat them with the meat (traditionally roast beef but who cares 🙂

  8. Sally says:

    we love yorkshires too….

  9. May you have many happy family times and memories of these days together, UKOK.
    Beautiful church!

    I adore UK phrases and words…’tucking”. I love it.

    ps..I think I’d ‘fancy’ one of those potato servings right about now with my breakfast!

  10. Rosemary says:

    Lorna, thanks. savory, huh? Now I’m really curious.

  11. ukok says:

    Maggie C,

    It was especially so because the kids didn’t kill one another.

    I think Wonderboy was taking the micky out of me..he was scrutinising the spoon saying ‘oohh errrr better make sure there are no bits stuck on it….”

    It could also be a ‘short sighted’ thing though….i’ll keep an eye on it!


    Oh well you know that if you ever come to look for your country cottage in England, I’ll cook you a fab Sunday lunch 🙂


    They laughed when they read our comment…they might not think they are that close, but actually they are, i think its how they have ben raised with just me and them, y’know?

    I love my brother, but we were hateful to one another and we hardly ever have much to do with one another nowadays….that is in part because he has a professional job that keeps him busy and he has other committments, but the other part of it is that he moved away from home at about 18 years of age and never returned to our City for the subsequent 25 years, except for the occasional family visits.

    I hope my children stay close, look out for one another, help one another out.


    Oh I’m so glad you enjoyed the photo story…as Lorna mentioned, yorkshire puddings are savoury. My daughter is a yorkshire pudding MONSTER and would eat them alone for breakfast if I would let her.

    Here is a recipe of how you can make them for your family



    Absolutely…who could ask for more!


    I’m a lazy bum, that’s why i buy frozen yorkies! I don’t barbecue anything, but I love the taste of properly barbequed food….when i was a teen, barbequing was the ‘in thing’and it seemed like every sunny day we would eat barbequed food, at least on the weekends. Yum!


    We should have a yorkshire pudding party!


    Many thanks to you for your observations and well wishes!

    If I thought for one minute that the roasties would be edible by the time you received them, I would most certainly send you some!


  12. Gabrielle says:

    What a great day, and everything looks so yummy! Re Wonderboy and the spoon, I thought he was gazing at his reflection! Like teresa, I love reading your British expressions too, like “a lashing of gravy”. Even if we’ve never heard them before, we understand. 🙂

  13. mum6kids says:

    Yorkies! My kids love them. At one point I was cooking them every Sunday. Now I am on the hunt for a way to either make or buy a gluten free version.

    Those roasties looked perfect. Mine never look that good.

  14. ukok says:

    Mum6kids….they were the cheapies at Morrisons! about 99p per pack and they were in the chilled section but I frze them when i got the grocerys home as they only refrigerate for a few days 🙂

    They are really nice!

  15. ukok says:

    oh, and they only took 4 minutes in the oven!

  16. ukok says:

    Gabrielle, I bet you ARE right about that…i bet he was admiring his handsome self and that is the only reason he wanted to do the dishes!!!


  17. Suzanne says:

    Everybody and everything lookin mighty good! 😉 Suz

  18. ukok says:

    Thanks Suz 😉

  19. Jean says:

    Great pics, Deb! Looks like a fun day at your house.
    The food looks scrumptious! You can cook for me anytime. 🙂

  20. Owen says:

    Lot’s of smiles and joy. Amen.

  21. Sarah says:

    Brilliant! I’ve been looking for a good york puddin’ recipe. Thanks! Also, love that you shared your day in pics. Your kids are a riot!!

  22. ukok says:


    if we lived closer it would be my absolute pleasure to invite you to dinner 🙂


    Amen indeed!


    so glad you’ll find the recipe helpful.


  23. Rosemary says:

    Deb, how very thoughtful of you to give me a link to a recipe. Thank you so much. They look yummy especially now that I’ve heard they are crispy.

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