Primadonna’s tip to domestically challenged,unmarried women

I admit that I’m not the most meticulous housekeeper in the world and I make no excuses for it because as i’ve said before, I never have liked show homes and prefer the more lived in look…and that’s maybe just as well because the latter, my family achieves rather effortlessly.

However, sadly all my attempts to instill reasonable standards of cleanliness, tidyness and hygiene in my offspring have failed miserably and they really are the most untidy and yes, sometimes, quite unclean creatures. But having said that, was I really so very different to them when I was as a teen?

When I was 17 my parents home was burgled and I was contacted by mum while I was at a friends house, as the police needed me to go home and identify if anything had been taken from my bedroom. When I arrived there a police officer went with me to my room whereupon he shook his head, tut-tutted a bit and said,

“It looks like they made a real mess of your bedroom….look, I know that it’s difficult for you to tell when it looks like this, but can you see if anything has been taken?”

I looked around at the piles of dirty laundry that were strewn across the carpet, the unmade bed, the mugs filled with half drunk coffee….mould growing on the top of them… and replied rather embarrassedly,

“Nope….nothing has been taken…umm actually, this is pretty much the way it usually looks…In fact, I don’t think the burglars came in here at all.”

Y’see I was a kid once, I do understand.

But I wasn’t a parent when I was a kid. I didn’t realise how frustrating it would be to be the chauffer, cook, cleaner, gardener, washerwoman, fulltime on call 24/7 nanny who would appreciate a little help and support from her family and not get any help whatsoever.

Now….oh yes, now I can sympathise with what I put my poor Mum through (I know you’ll read this Mum, and I really am sorry!) when I merrily skipped about in my little bubble-world that revolved all around me…. not knowing or caring how my dinner got to the table, how my dirty clothes found their way back into the wardrobe, freshly ironed…how our home was always clean, comfortable and welcoming. It was taken as read.

Mum did it.

I was talking about all this to my daughter the other day…trying to motivate her to do some housework…

“Look”, i said, “I shouldn’t have to carry the responsibility for doing absolutely everything in the home, you have GOT to start helping out more”.

“Yes Mum, I’m sorry Mum”, Primadonna replied, plonking a kiss of half hearted repentance on my face.

“Well, you know… you will have to know how to turn on the washer and how to empty the rubbish bin when you have a house of your own some best get some practice in…”

“Hmm…actually I won’t”, replied Primadonna matter if factly.

“Oh right!” I spluttered. “so I suppose you think i’m going to be your unpaid skivvy for the rest of my life, do you? ,

“Well that’s one idea”, she stated, “but actually…..”she continued in a very serious tone…. “i was thinking more along the lines of marrying a man with OCD and a compulsion to clean”

Now why had I never thought of that idea?

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9 Responses to Primadonna’s tip to domestically challenged,unmarried women

  1. Rosemary says:

    LOL. Yeah, how ’bout that idea. Could work well. I actually have a relative who does not have OCD but cleans rather compulsively. Works pretty well for the one who is not so inclined….

  2. Sarah says:

    At least she’s got angles! This is really very funny (sorry, maybe it’s not, but I have the same issues here). I tihnk it’s the “norm” these days . . . everything comes way too easily to these kids.

    Best of luck with all that. Mwah!

  3. Suzanne says:

    LOL! Primadonna has quite a cute sense of humor
    and I wish her the best of luck finding such a man!
    LOL! 😉 Suzanne

  4. That’s funny!
    I hope you told her “Good luck with that!”

  5. Carol says:

    🙂 Clever girl –but I wonder if that tip could have its downside, if say, one had to wait for the sheet to be ironed (again) before crawling back into bed after using the loo at 3 a.m. I have a compulsively-cleaning friend who scares me. That stuff just scares me. (I mean, who’s going to do it after her death??) Whenever she disappears shortly after dinner here, I expect to later find my attic sorted out, arranged with a dot system, and 3 rooms papered. I don’t like domesticity, but I can’t stand a messy house, yet I have had 4 teens and others living here.. so I’ve learned to squint my eyes into narrow slits–it filters out a LOT of bad stuff. Besides, 3 of the teens were girls; who had time to clean–it was far more crucial to just arrange for fresh air to dissipate the hairspray.

  6. Mimi says:

    Bwahahahahaha. That story cracked me up.

  7. wow! so girls don’t clean either?
    It’s so long ago, I can’t think back to when I was a teenager, but I do have vague memories of my Father shouting out something about a “pigsty”, but in the mists of time I had begun to think it was just a boy thing ha ha!

  8. Karen H. says:

    Maggie, please. I can well remember my mother being an expert on pigsties, because apparently she was able to proclaim with confidence that I’d “had the worst pigsty she’d ever seen.”

  9. ukok says:

    Carol, the ‘squinty’ eye stuff….oh how i do that too! And I shut the kids bedroom doors and tell myself their mess isn’t my problem!

    Having said that, when the man came to see about the rewire yesterday …i think he nearly tripped over Primadonnas floor strewn laundry…he tried not to look down as he stood there in the middle of her room, talking about the wiring that would need to be done in there…but a couple of time he did have to, to avoid getting tanged up in it all!

    poor man!


    I didn’t know boys could be as scummy as girls! My son’s room is a little untidy, but my daughter’s room is disgusting! I’m quite relieved that it isn’t just a girl thing 🙂

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