Fun Day!

Oh what a jolly time i have had today, my friends!

Waiting in the house for the plasterers to arrive…

9am came and went

so did 10am

so did 11am

I called their supervisor, the one with the unbuttoned shirt and the grey chest hair…

I left a message asking him to call me back

12noon came and went

so did 1pm

and 2pm

Did he call?

Did he heck.

3pm came and went.

I got a call from Wonderboys school…i’d asked his school to contact me as i’d seen his school report last week and was requesting clarification as to why there were ‘unauthorised absences’ listed.

Anyway, basically the secretary informed me this afternoon that i had already been ‘previously advised’ that Wonderboy was unable to have any more absences without a doctors letter.

Umm, nope.

I hadn’t been ‘previously advised’ of any such thing.

And we’re talking about 15 absences that have a question mark hanging over them.

All of which i had called the school to report on the day of each absence.

The secretary informed me that the school are taking the stance that they have previously told me to contact a doctor for a letter if Wonderboy needs to be absent.

I strenuously protested that i had received any such advisement from the school and that they are well aware of Wonderboys health problems and of why he may be absent on any given day.

I asked the secretary to check if a letter had been sent to me as this all sounded very serous…..she said she had no record of a letter being sent home and that anyway, this would have probably been a verbal advisement.

I strenuously protested that this was the case.

I have had no such conversation with any staff member.

She said that Educational Welfare Department will now have to be involved and would contact me about it and that it was ‘really all quite serious’… that i could ‘be seen to have ignored the school’ advising me not to keep Wonderboy off. I explained once again that i have heard nothing of this from the school and that I most certainly WILL keep Wonderboy off if I deem it necessary.

I then contacted my doctor and am waiting to hear if it is possible for them to write to the school on Wonderboy’s behalf to explain that he is waiting to see the specialist and that he does at times feel very unwell, what with his nosebleeds, headaches, hair loss, dizzyness…y’know the very low iron levels…..the raised red blood cell count…there just might be a reason for him being off…

Then i heard back from the workmens supervisor and guess what, the plasterers aren’t coming out today. I would never have guessed that.

Since they weren’t coming out, I called at the chemist for tablets for Wonderboy and when i pulled up outside my door the supervisor appeared on my doorstep.

He promised me the plasterers will be out tomorrow.

Better be!

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5 Responses to Fun Day!

  1. Karen says:

    The school seems very unreasonable. Is there such a thing as a registered letter in the UK. I.E. when “they” receive it, someone has to sign for it. Then the post office sends you this signed receipt.


  2. Rita says:


    The involvement of the EWOs can be serious, I’d politely ask to see the school’s Attendance Policy so that you can check that you have done nothing wrong (though you would not have done anything wrong intentionally). If an absence is notified as a result of a phone call from a parent, stating that the child is ill, I’d always assumed that was an authorised absence. Do you get to speak with a human being or an answering machine?
    Phone the school up and ask to speak to Wonderboy’s Form Tutor or head of year, they should know about the issues concerning his health and should help make sure he is able to keep up to date with his work and more importantly is not getting stressed or anxious by his absences. Speaking to the teaching staff shows that you care about his education and that the absences are genuine, they should be receptive to communication, it is their job!!!!

    IMHO, the secretary sounds like a bit of a jobsworth, the outcome has to be for the best possible for your son, that is clear lines of communication between yourself and those directly responsible for his pastoral care and learning.

  3. Rosemary says:

    I hate it when bureaucrats act like a mother’s own word can’t be trusted on behalf of her children. This is silly. I’m afraid I would get very aggressive about defending myself and my child. For heaven’s sakes, why would you be keeping him home if he wasn’t sick? You’re both teaming together to skip school? What nonsense. I hope it’s all sorted out quickly. God bless.

  4. Easter A. says:

    Hi Deb,

    I came to see what’s up with you. Thanks for sharing those pics you took of your home. I really hope they get it all done already. Praying for you and Wonderboy. Take care, dear Deb.

  5. Cathy says:

    Would seem that there was a communication gap on many levels for you yesterday. Can only hope things are better today. God Bless!!!

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