No More News.

I know i have a rather sensitive nature, and I know that there are good people in the world but I am so distraught to read daily news stories like this that I am seriously thinking about not reading them anymore. A part of me feels i have a moral responsibility to be aware of the mindless slaughter taking place on our streets so that I can count my blessings and pray for the souls of the deceased and for their grieving families..but the other part of me is sick of trying to choke back the tears ever time i read about another shortened life, another mother breaking her heart for her deceased child.

If it was my child that was murdered, my country that was suffering famine, would I want people to know what was going on?


And so I watch and I read, but very often i have days and days where I feel my view of the world is tainted and perhaps even distorted by the news, and I actually refrain from keeping up to date with it. Perhaps I am weak, perhaps I am overly sensitive, but I wonder, can I pray for the world without knowing whats going on in the world (many religious do), because every day there are more and more senseless acts of violence and I am becoming more and more despairing of the world.

Is it ever okay to say ‘enough is enough’ and not read/watch the news again? Is it turning a blind eye or is it taking a sensible precaution?

The press are often on the frontline, risking life and limb to bring to the attention of the world the most grievious of human tragedy and disaster….the great charitable endeavours that assist in times of trouble do so because they have their finger on the pulse of the press release….can there really be any justification for turning off the TV and unsubscribing from the internet news service?

And let’s not forget, there’s good news too.

Not much, not enough, but it does exist.

I do believe, that as mad as this might sound, there should be a news channel entirely devoted to reporting




What the hell. I can guarantee the tears roll everytime i watch the news. Every time.

I often feel thoroughly depressed afterwards.

So wouldn’t it be good to know we could tune in and watch a news programme where the good that man was doing, the self sacrifice, the humanitarian work, the simple acts of goodwill that are oft overlooked,were reported on?

Oh, if they could only make a programme like that, maybe i could watch the regular news without saying, “Oh God what is the world coming to!”.

Maybe it would redress the balance?

Maybe there wouldn’t be so much criminality, so much aggression in the world?

Who knows?

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7 Responses to No More News.

  1. Suzanne says:

    Yes, you and I can pray without looking. Remember, there was a time before mass media anyway..a time when one part of the world didn’t know about the other. Not that I don’t care about you and you being across the big pond, cause I do and you know that,
    but sincerely, we are probably most responsible for our own and the news surrounding our own family and community first and give so that the Church laity and religious who go out into the world can help even if we can’t but pray, so I too am sick of so much depressing news. I don’t watch nearly as much. Right now I’m paying more attention because of the presidential election coming up and here in the US we need to encourage each other to vote for the person who will try to do God’s Will the most…still..I know where you are coming from girl…but I’m glad to know you!
    MWAH back again! 🙂

  2. Mimi says:

    Many years ago, I stopped watching TV news for Lent, and never picked it back up. I get the daily paper, but I control what articles I read.

    I’m much happier that way.

  3. I think you did hit on the key word “balance.” By its nature “news” tends to be things *OUT* of the ordinary. People do millions of acts of kindness that never get reported on. So maybe it would help if you can make a particular note to yourself when you catch somebody doing something nice. Maybe a kid got up and gave his/her seat to an elderly person. Maybe an older youngster stopped to help someone younger who’d fallen. Even something simple like “hey, you left your change.”

  4. Carol says:

    There’s been horrific news since Cain, and terrific news since one of Adam’s ribs was Reordered. Which headline would sell? “Nomad says, ‘Can’t touch this!'” … or … “Man Finds Helpmate in Wife.”


    Cripe, even the weather is dramatised: “And here the deluge will wind up for a power punch in the tri-state area, an absolutely battering rain with wind gusts of up to 3 mph..” One begins to have nightmares about hail the size of tea kettles.

    We see good news every day. No one’s ever going to publish it but us… as in your greeting cards. 🙂

    I don’t watch the news anymore. It’s just not news, really. We must pray for all, as did Jesus and Mary.

  5. Hidden One says:

    I have a quotation here for you from a Saint and Doctor of the Church I much admire. Take it as you will:

    “Pay no attention to the affairs of others, whether they be good or bad, for besides the danger of sin, this is a cause of distractions and lack of spirit.”

    ~The Ascent of Mount Carmel by St. John of the Cross, OCD, Mystical Doctor of the Church.

  6. Rosemary says:

    I think we as moms, especially, need to protect our mental health and when the news is an emotional drain I do turn it off.

    Love the good news program idea. i have thought the same thing myself. A show with stories that inspire, tales of heroic deeds, and little incidences of thoughtfulness and good will. It’s an awfully big world. Surely there are enough of such stories. Now “bloody”? That’s how we would describe the current stories of accidents and murders……teehee I’m thinking this is the British emphasizing word, right? LOL

  7. ukok says:

    I’m glad i’m not alone in not watching or reading the news anymore.

    And thanks Hiddenone, for the quote!

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