Drumroll please…..

I allocated a number to each blogger who entered the handcrafted card competition.

1. Mac McLernon
2. Adrienne
3. LPA
4. Rosemary
5. Rosemary daughter, Liz
6. Maggieclitheroe
7. AutumnRose
8. Barb Szyszkiewicz, sfo
9. Rita
10. Timothy Selig
11. teresa_anawim
12. Jean
13. Sarah
14. Melanie
15. mm
16. John
17. Easter A.
18. Karen
19. thankevann
20. Esther
21. mary
22. Gina
23. Karen H. – gemoftheocean

and then used the Random Number Generator to flip me out a number…..and the winner is… (click to enlarge image)

21. Mary from ‘Stopping 2 ask 4 Directions’ Blog.

Congrats Mary, I will be making your cards this week and sending them out the next… now i just need you to email me your address please (email me at dashere4u AT (replace with @ ) yahoo.co.uk) and then we’re all set.

Thank you to everyone who entered. We’ll hold another competition sometimes soon! Because i would love everyone to get a crack at being a winner I think these competitions will just go on and on and on. Which is fun for you and well, fun for me too since i love crafting! Plus y’know, a few years ago i purchased loads of craft stuff when the craft bug bit me big time and i simply can’t justify buying anymore until I make some room for it. So in a way, these competitions are a necessity 😉

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9 Responses to Drumroll please…..

  1. John says:

    Awww, gee. I lose again. Oh well, these certainly are a lot of fun anyway. Just the anticipation of possibly winning is a lot of fun! Thanks so much for doing this Deb ..

  2. Esther says:

    Oh, I like the way you ran the contest Deb. Congrats to Mary!

  3. Mac McLernon says:


    Yet another award I didn’t win.

    I shall crawl under my duvet and SULK !

  4. as a twice-times winner (the second time I donated my win to a friend) … I KNOW how blessed Mary will be by this

    bless your generosity Deb

  5. Owen says:

    Ah, I missed this totally. Congrats to the winner and blessing to you Deb as you continue to share your gift. ::thrive!

  6. Mimi says:


  7. Jean says:


    What a great idea!

    Congratulations, Mary!

  8. Rosemary says:

    Congratulations to Mary! Liz and I will definitely enter again next time. Love your cards.

  9. ukok says:

    Mary sent me an email with her addy this morning so I went to the post office and posted the package. Now then, I’m thinking of doing another competition to celebrate my forthcoming 4th anniversary of blogging. So keep an eye open for that post!

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