Weird Stuff

I forgot just how entertaining it could be to spend 5 minutes browsing the searches that lead people to my blog. In the last few days some (possibly very disturbed) people have visited Ukok’s Place by typing the following search words and phrases in their search bar:

  1. the youngest high heel girl (I’m thinking perv)
  2. old ladies adult content (I’m thinking perv)
  3. if in grave sin can i pray during commununion (absolutely pray, but do not receive communion until you’ve seen your confessor at the earliest opportunity and confessed your sin)
  4. what july 10th means in scripture (unless i missed something when i read my Bible cover to cover, i would say it means absolutely nothing!)
  5. catholic marrying in an anglican church (Don’t do it! And certainly not without a dispensation. But DON’T  do it!)
  6. blessings for 50 years of marriage (Oh gosh, how wonderful to be married 50 years – although perhaps the married couple might disagree?)
  7. www sex photo from st.therese (plain weird)
  8. sex adult watch for you (no thanks, the Nadal v Federer match was about as much excitement as I could take for one day, maybe tomorrow though? Just kidding!)
  9. rowan williams eyebrows (they amuse me too! Not least because he’s well known for fence sitting and attempting to be inconspicuous in the area of his faith, though not, it so obviously appears, in the area of his face!)
  10. black and white christian (i’ve never seen one, sounds cool….send me a photo)
  11. can eucharist be taken before confession (yes, but if you have unconfessed serious sin to confess, you must NOT receive communion before making your confession)
  12. “boy prefers boy” (oh dear. Let’s just say, it isn’t the inclination that is in and of itself sinful. But hey, just go and visit Terry at his Abbey Roads blog if you want a slew of reasons not to ‘go’ there.)
  13. cupboard sex (well it wasn’t me!  Not even in my pre-conversion days as an office secretary…but i read that Borris Becker did…)
  14. husband hooked on facebook (well so am I, but the chances are i don’t know him so you have nothing to worry about)
  15. can a catholic receive communion four or (well i don’t know how this was going to finish, but if it was going to finish ‘four or more times a day’, the answer is ‘no’)

I’m surprised that people still surprise me, but they sure do!

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10 Responses to Weird Stuff

  1. Aphra says:

    Heh. Yes, I like checking this stuff out too. I get REALLY weird ones who keep stumbling upon my dream blog. Yours were pretty funny 🙂 Still praying for your boy.

  2. Owen says:

    Your responses are hilarious – well most of them and those that aren’t needed to be said as is. What a fun idea.

  3. Mimi says:


    Boris Becker, really?

  4. Holly says:

    Receiving communion multiple times a day could be one way of dealing with the uncoming economic crisis. That would be one way of cutting down grocery costs.

  5. some were pretty funny – but you open your blog up to a lot more pervs’ looking by actually quoting them.

    As for the Eucharist. I’ve never really understood why it’s ok for the priest to partake in many communion services (and to eat/drink up all the unused consecrated elements) but it’s considered wrong for a catholic to attend mass more than once a day and receive communion at each service. … but Holly’s comment made me laugh 🙂

  6. warren says:

    From another website:

    “Can you tell me how often I may receive holy Communion on the same day?”

    The new Code of Canon Law, published in 1983, states in Canon 917, “One who has received the blessed Eucharist may receive it again on the same day only within a eucharistic celebration in which that person participates, without prejudice to the provision of Canon 921, #2.”

    That means, whenever, wherever, however a person has received holy Communion, he or she may receive a second time on the same day if the person is participating in the celebration of Mass.

    So, if the person has already received Communion in or outside of Mass, he or she may receive a second time if it is during a Mass in which he or she is participating. A person may not just walk in at Communion time and receive a second time. Canon 921, #2, however, allows anyone in danger of death, from any cause (a heart attack, missile attack, natural disaster, etc.) to receive Communion as viaticum a second time during the same day whether in or outside of Mass. In fact, the Code strongly suggests that the person receive again in such circumstances.

    Cases where these canons might most frequently apply are those in which a person has attended Mass on Saturday morning and then attends a Mass on Saturday evening to satisfy the Sunday obligation. The person may receive at both Masses. The same applies for someone who attends a daily Mass in the parish and then attends a wedding or funeral Mass in the evening. Again, the person may receive in both instances.

  7. Hey, Lorna. I can see why the priests are permitted, they’ve got to say the Mass and may have to (often) say it more than once to satisfy the needs of the congregation.

    But I think you’d be interested to know the church has loosened up on the laity in this regard a bit…as long as it’s not done out of superstition.

    For instance, if on a Saturday I attend a friend’s wedding Mass and receive Communion there….and then later in the day if I go to the Saturday evening Mass to fulfill the Sunday evening Mass, no worries.

  8. Oh, and Deb. Yeah, it is funny to look at that stuff. Maybe the “perv” types will suddenly see that Crucifix on your website and that serves as a reminder to them to cut out whatever the heck it is they were doing. BTW, “clinically” I can see a psychologist wanting to know #2 — these things can sure look odd when taken out of context.

    I’m always surprised on what gets hits on my web too.

    Some are understandably ones that people would want to look up — like “movies with Catholic appeal” that sort of thing. But there was a humorous one I did about “sex ed in the 1970s” and one called “Fashion felonies” that get hit a lot too. Ditto one about the “Our lady of angels” fire that happened in chicago 50 years ago this fall where a lot of school kids were burned and died in a fire (along with some nuns) — oh, and my post last year on “go to hell pants” once got hit by someone on the staff of the “Sargeant at arms” in the US Senate!

    Those people in Washington sure have a lot of time on their hands. Oh, and someone at the Vatican looked at my website (or had the “tab” up and left the computer on) for over twenty hours or so. Maybe Papa Ratzinger liked the post I did re: his similarity in hats to a US kid’s 1st cowboy hat. Dunno. Maybe someone in the vatican has the pics in their office cubicle! “Hey, hide that, Papa approaches!”

  9. Rosemary says:

    Wow. Pretty unusual. Loved your answers.

  10. ukok says:

    Karen, i have a picture in my head now of Papa Ratzi sitting at his computer drinking his beer and chuckling over your blog posts….and oh….. i can just imagine one of his cats laying across the mousemat!

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