Prayer Requests in the combox

From Jadown:

“please pray for my business,which is very defected because of unseen powers or evil spirits,i am a rice exporter and my every deal fails due to no any please remember me in your special prayers.i realy need your prayers.

From Maria:

Widow problems what facing
My Son Job, Promotion, Health Stress what he is going through
Brother who is missing for so many years
Sandra Problems
Thanks and God Bless and keep us in prayers for my Brother and Sisters and the whole world at all times.

From Janet, who just wrote in the combox :

“My 28-year old cousin died in his sleep after surgery on his legs on Monday. It is not at all clear yet what happened. He had been awake post-surgery and speaking with his family, and ate some dinner. At midnight, the nurse gave him a light snack. At 3 am he was found dead.

Please pray for peace for my aunt and uncle (his parents), for his fiance, and for his two brothers.”

Please pray.

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2 Responses to Prayer Requests in the combox

  1. Suzanne says:

    Jesus give peace … give help…let them know You are there. Hail Mary, our Mother, pray for us! Amen.

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