Books Glorious Books

I’m not sure which i like most.


…or photographs of books.

Hence a post about and including both.

I’m almost ashamed to say that I had forgotten quite how pleasurable it is to while away an hour or two with a good book. I used to be a voracious reader, but reading has taken a back seat for longer than i care to remember and in recent years it has pretty much been the case that i would only read a book cover to cover if i was away on holiday and could wind down completely with a book and a nice cup of cha and not have to worry about the laundry or the school run or the bills or the….oh well, you know how it is, you have the same kind of obligations and responsibilities i’m sure.

At some undefined point in my existance I began to view (my own) book reading as something of a luxury. The irony being, of course, that I spend many an hour online each day and have long since forgotten that there was a time when I self imposed cyber time rules, fully intending to go online only between BIG chores or in the evening when the kids are in bed.

Ha.Ha. Ha.

So anyway, since the workmen started work on the inside of the house 3 weeks ago, I had absolutely no where to go to have any privacy (they even monopolised the bathroom) and since there wasn’t much else to do with my time while i’ve been sharing the confines of my home with the guys from early morning till teatime, I thought i’d crack open a spine or two (just foolin, I know a lot of readers are quite touchy about that kind of thing).

Blogging has been light, so too has blog reading and commenting largely because of the intermittent electrical supply and the router forever going on and off, so really there was only one thing left for me to do.


I soon discovered that once i started I just couldn’t stop.

Sometimes i would read a book within 24 hours.

(I think this has something to do with why I gave up reading actually… it’s all encompassing and very time consuming (providing one reads a good book)

During the last few weeks, some of the books i’ve enjoyed reading are…

Northanger Abbey -actually, I thought this whole novel tedious from start to finish.

Persuasion – captivating, enchanting and all those other nice flowery words that evoke beauty and passion.

Enduring Love – my daughter recommended this to me. Considering she is 16 I was a bit embarrassed to find she’d read something that had a fair few explicit sex references, but once i’d got over that, and the uneccessarily ‘wordy’ first chapter, I was pretty much absorbed in it…between, intermittently thinking it as completely bizzarre and toying with leaving it unfinished.

The Warden – actually I read an ancient version of this made for WWII readers. A delightful little book and story, Trollope’s first in the series of Barchester novels he wrote.

And i’m currently reading Jane Austen’s Emma

I’ve really enjoyed all the reading i’ve done in recent weeks and as trawling charity shops and second hand book shops for books, is one of my all time fave pastimes, i’m especially looking forward to getting away in a few weeks and perusing the bookshelves when i’m on my holidays with the kids.

We always bring loads back with us and our car is invariably filled to bursting on our return journey.

I’m especially pleased that reading has allowed me to escape (to some extent) what’s been going on in the house in recent weeks….even when the workmen have been working in the same room.

While I wouldn’t want to go through this house invasion again (though the work isn’t finished yet …and someday soon the rewiring will have to be done – hopefuly not for another month or two though!), I’m delighted that my passion for reading has been ignited once more.

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5 Responses to Books Glorious Books

  1. Scott says:

    books are our friends… and yes, photos of books are pretty kool too!

  2. Rosemary says:

    Nice post. i love books too. Love the photos too.

  3. ukok says:

    Scott, now why didn’t I think of ‘Books are our Friends’ for the title of this post. That’s great!

    Rosemary, glad you like the photos, i thought i’d mess about editing the pictures i took of the books this morning 🙂

  4. March Hare says:

    Ah, Jane Austen… About 2 years ago I read all six Austen novels in (more or less) their order of publication. “Pride & Prejudice,” “Persuasion,” and “Sense & Sensibility” were my personal favorites.

    This year, DD#1 gave me the DVD collection of all the Austen novels produced by the BBC. This makes 3 versions of “P&P” that I now own (the Colin Firth & Keira Knightley versions are the other two), but I’m looking forward to watching them all.

    Hmmm…. Wonder when the next Boy Scout outing is?

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