Rest in Peace Steve…

In memory of Steve who died on 21st July 1992 when our daughter was 8 months old, I made a Youtube video which contains photo’s of Steve and me and of Primadonna as a baby, shortly before he died. On the site, if you click on where it says (more info) you can read what I wrote about Steve there.

For some reason WordPress doesn’t take well to Youtube Videos so i’m sorry but you’ll have to follow THIS LINK to play my video. (you can leave any comments over there too).

I don’t go away on holiday till next Saturday but wanted to get this posted in advance to check the video works and everything.

I am having a Mass said for Steve on the 21st of July but will be in Wales at the time. It would be appreciated if you would please join with me in prayer that his soul may be at rest.

Thank you.

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