To Dye For?

Because there are lots of things i should be doing, i thought i’d waste a little time being completely frivolous with my time and share a hair update (because i can if i want to).

Remember a while back i was dithering about what to do with my hair – ‘should i go natural or continue to bleach all the life out of it?’

Well, yes, i know that technically hair is dead but you know what i mean.

Anyway, I was surprised that so many readers were also experiencing the same coifure quandry and at the time i was erring on the side of just letting my hair do it’s own thing. I’d bleached and coloured it for about 27 years so what came through in the end would be like buying a lucky bag…you just never know what’s going to come out or whether or not your going to cry if you don’t get what you want.

Well, recently a blog buddy enquired how i was getting on with the ‘hair plan’ and whether or not i was still toughing out the ‘grow out’ and as it happens i was able to say that I have continued to refrain from the ‘bottle’ even though everytime i go to the supermarket or Boots chemist i spend at least 10 minutes in the home hair colourants section pondering whether or not to purchase one.

But i haven’t taken the bait so far and not only am i growing out the bleach blonde, i’ve just had a new hair cut to jazz it up a bit.

It does look a bit perculiar being grey/silver for about 5 inches from the root, and then bleach blonde the rest of the way to the tips of the hair, but at this point i’m thinking i’ll just go on letting it be.

Here are a couple of pics of my longer messy hairstyle on my recent hols…(please don’t look at my muttony arms!)….first there is a pic of me and Wonderboy…yep, these days if i want to get close to him i have to anchor him to the spot so he can’t get away from me…

and then next is a pic of me and Wondergirl (she strenuously objects to being referred to as Primadonna nowadays)… we were dancing a waltz in a field, what could be more natural?

Well the above messy ‘do’…or rather ‘don’t’ is maybe okay for the beach and for walking around crumbly castles, but i don’t generally want to look like i am wearing a birds nest atop my head, so i decided to take the plunge today and get it cut …my daughter had hers done too but she is at her grandma’s for the night and i didn’t get to take a pic of her fabulous new style before she went.

So here’s the gorgeous (i’m being ironic) silver/grey 5inch roots i’m now sporting…

and here’s a pic of my hair which has been cut shorter at the back (this pic is taken from a side view)

and this is what the blonde part of my hair looks like now…

Don’t know how i’ll feel about it when it’s all grey/silver but for now, I kind of like it.

So, how are you getting on girls?

Have you reached for the colourant bottle yet?

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16 Responses to To Dye For?

  1. Melanie says:

    I think you look lovely. I also think that it’s easier with blonde hair and grey than brown. Maybe just cuz I’m a brunette. I had my hair colored (actually just highlighted) about a month before Lydia was born and haven’t done it since. I have a long grey streak that is growing wider by the day it seems . . . and seems much more noticeable in my dark hair. Of course, i haven’t done anything about it, but I don’t like it much.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I think the part growing out looks lovely. It’s hard to tell it’s gray.
    I personally have not coloured my hair. It’s a dirty shade of blond. I’ve never found one gray hair and I’m almost 37. But I think I have good genes for that sort of thing.

  3. Rosemary says:

    It looks nice! Actually I liked the long too. I think we all pay way more attention to our hair than anyone else does. You look great.

  4. nope. and shaln’t.

    Your mum’s hair is lovely – if yours turns out that way too you’ll be a stunner. But I remember deciding to let myself go grey was quite painful (esp the growing out bit) I was happier when I had it cut short – and the long darker strands went! But grey and blonde are not so far apart – so at least you’ll not look like a skunk!

  5. Owen says:

    Waiting on the crumbly castles I am.

  6. Phil says:

    Well, in the words of the advert, “You’re worth it!”

  7. Sarah says:

    Looks fine, love. Mine is light blonde/dark blonde mix with strands and strands of silver. I”m leaving it be as far as the colour, however, I need a cut!!

  8. Cathy says:

    It really looks very nice. That being said. I’ve never had to let my hair grow out after bleaching. It just went gray in its own good time. I sorta become comfortable with it. You will too.

  9. Karen says:

    Hey, girl, glad you’re back from vacation, we missed you. Pictures are great. What do you mean “yet?” I’ve settled on keeping the same hair color I had naturally at age 25 or so. It’s “dirty blond” but it needs a little help from time to time. Can’t say it’s overly fried. I was light blond as a child, but it morphed into a golden brown, if that makes sense. I’ve got my hair in a pony tail these days cuz its so hot. I can use a trim, but am holding off for a while. Loose my hair is a little past shoulder length.

    Your transition is going fine. I haven’t got a lot of gray (yet!) STrands separate strands here and there but nothing major. My mom didn’t really gray until her late 50s..


  10. Tom says:

    As the only man who will probably make a comment on the subject matter of this post, let me just say that I don’t color my hair, wear curlers or make up, or do my nails. I gave that up a long time agao;0) LOL!

  11. Mac McLernon says:

    I like the silvery-grey… that’s the ash blonde colour of my dreams. Unfortunately, I can never get it… I’m not quite mad enough to bleach my hair completely before adding a colour (and that’s the only way I’ll get that shade, according to my hairdresser)

    The cut looks good too. So, can we get a shot of the whole head? (After all, your face has appeared already, so that can’t be an objection!!)


  12. lol @ tom … shame about the nails tho!

  13. scotty says:

    Well done that woman!!! I spend about the same time in Boots lingering over the hair dyes too….. Think where you have the advantage over me is that you already have light eyebrows. Cos I’m a former brunette, mine are very dark.

  14. Elena says:

    Deb I think your cut looks very good. I think the secret to having gray or graying hair is a good hair cut! I hope you enjoy yours.

    BTW I have never colored my hair at all. I’m not always happy with how it looks, but at least my hair is healthy and that was the most important thing for me.

  15. Antonia says:

    it looks good short!!


  16. Suzanne says:

    Oh, yeah, I use the colorant…I try to look nice and Irish! LOL! I have med. brown hair with this tired old steel gray stuff around the face and top trying to appear, but I use the color and its fun for a few weeks. I never have spent much on myself like that, so I guess I haven’t been too down on myself about, yet, maybe in the next year, I’ll just see what goes and be done with it. Anyway, your hair is still so pretty.

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