Refrigerator Bickies?

Now that i have my newly fitted kitchen to work in, I was thinking about doing some baking. I’m so tired of buying supermarket junk that tastes nice, but contains numerous e numbers per pack and gives acid indigestion almost after the first bite.

My gamer addicted son has an interest in food, not only eating it, but also in making it, so i want to get him involved in regularly helping to bake or cook meals from now on.

My daughter is a big clutz so it’s best she stay outta the kitchen…seriously, she’s a one young-woman disaster zone, i’m not just being snarky. Besides which she prefers the eating of food than the making and baking of it.

So I just got my Be-Ro bake booklet and my Jamie Oliver cook books and i thought, actually, i fancy a bit of a change.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about refrigerator biscuits and love the idea of slicing slabs of mixture off and putting them on baking trays rather than dropping dollops of the usual biscuit mixture on to baking trays (i do vary the ingredients somewhat, but i like the look of nice round refrigerator bickies!).

So ladies and gents, do you have a favourite recipe to share with me? I want to make a big batch up so that i can freeze some. I never seem to do that anymore and we’re always running out and having to buy more and more from the supermarkets.

If you have a tried and true fridge bickie recipe, please leave it in the combox below and i’ll do some sperimentin at the weekend and then show you the photographic evidence of how i got on with your recipe.

oh yeah, and we like just about any ingredients ‘cept liver, blackcurrants and bananas and figs:-)

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5 Responses to Refrigerator Bickies?

  1. Mimi says:

    My Dh is the main cook in our family, and my youngest son has shown signs of taking after him, you guys are going to have a fabulous time.

    I have to admit, though, while I am the baker of the family, I never make cookies (biscuits) but made a pie last night.

  2. Karen says:

    Get a bag of Nestles chocolate chips and follow the tollhouse cookie (that’s biscuit to you) recipe on the bag.


    If you’re bone idle lazy you can get the ones already mixed up and just zap them in the oven.


  3. Mac McLernon says:

    Sorry, just let me check that… you mentioned that you don’t like liver…

    Were you expecting many liver-based biscuit recipes??


  4. ukok says:

    well you never know, Mac..people in the States eat wierd things, or so i’ve heard 😉

  5. Phil says:

    I don’t make ’em; I just eat ’em!

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