The Unspectacular Quirk Meme

Life in our household is manic at the moment as the electricians are rewiring the house  and me and the kids and the dog are stuck together (not literally) in a pretty smallish kitchen all day, each day with nothing much to do.  I’m stealing a few minutes online each time the electric is put back on, so fortunately i can now post this meme that i was tagged for by Tim

Here are the rules;

1. Link the person(s) who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged

According to my daughter (mostly):

  • I check doors repeatedly. This is true. I can never accept a door (car or house) is actually locked until I wrench the handle almost to breaking point….whereupon if this happens i will congratulate myself on correctly discerning that the door was not properly locked in the first place.
  • On those rare occasions when I reach down over my third tyre to paint my toe nails, the polish will stay there until it has eroded away. Life is just too short to reach down to my toes ever again, unless iinstructed to do so by a medical practitioner…and even then i’d have to weigh up my options.
  • I smear liberal amounts of olbas oil on my forehead almost every day. If asked what perfume i am wearing i say ‘Eau de Olbas’ and everyone thinks i am wearing some unheard of exotic import (apart from nasty comments made by people who make fun of me for using it and don’t have the faintest understanding of how much pain i am in on any given day) . I use both this and a medicated forehead stick in addition to daily medication to treat my chronic daily headaches. My daughter regularly gets an eye full of olbas oil when forgetting that i have a penchant for smelling like a Koala’s favourite snack, the whim sudenly takes her to spontaneously kiss me on the forehead…she then recoils, clutching her watery eyes and vowing never to come near me again. Yes i know that i shouldn’t use olbas oil on my head but when it hurts a lot and the meds don’t work, i will just about do anything for a little relief.
  • I write letters to the school all the time. My daughter says they must have a special draw designated to my letters…and that it is overflowing. I began writing letters to the school before my kids were even school pupils and I still continue to do so now, many years later. I protest about anything and everything. And let me tell you, it has worked in almost every instance. And what’s more, i enjoy it. I feel I can express myself in letters, much more easily than i can in person. One teacher read a letter of mine and said I was a heartfelt and insightful writer, I thought ‘what a shame he is married!’. So i like writing letters and don’t mind a jot that their recipients may think of me a cantankerous middle aged git.
  • My daughter says shopping in the supermarket with me is dangerous and embarrassing. I complain loudly about bad cart/ trolley drivers (i frequently vocalise the opinion that they need to take a supermarket trolley-driving test) and I do not shop in a route…. If i think of ‘sugar’ and sugar happens to be at the back of the store, I will race across to the back of the store…get the sugar (before i forget it) …and then remember that I started at the store entrance where the fruit and veg is and so return to it. It takes us a long time to do the shopping. But i’m perfectly okay with that. No one else has to be.
  • I get hooked on stuff for about 2 weeks and then ditch whatever it was that i was raving about in the first place. I have phases. I am currently going through the cooking phase, but next week we may live on chip shop bought chips (as in fish and chips, but without the fish – they are too expensive to eat frequently). I am also currently hooked on *bookmooch at the moment too. But if the books i put on don’t get mooched within the next month or so i may remove them from the site and gve them to the local charity shop. I am also loving ‘Pathwords’ and Scramble on Facebook (challenge me to a game if you care to).

My daughter made me add this next quirk too …(and she suggested loads more, some too embarrassing to recount here though!)…I said it was against the rules to add more than 6 thing, but she said i should be bolder than that…so even though she is leading me astray…here goes quirk number 7.

  • I always lose my keys, even when they are in my hand. I panic terribly. I can be standing in the middle of a crowded shopping centre (mall) and say in increasing decibels…‘oh no…where are my car keys?….where are my car keys??…where are my car keys!?!?!?….we have to stop and look for my car keys!….has anyone seen my car keys?‘…i get louder and louder until whoever is with me calms me down rather patronisingly as though i am a child (i don’t complain because i have come to realise that this tack actually works). If my daughter is with me she is very methodical. She says ‘are they in your hand?’…and i say ‘of course not silly ‘ (or stupid, if i’m really vexed) then she tells me to take a deep breath before i have an asthma attack….and then we go through my handbag together…like i’m some dotty old lady….and I say, ‘I’ve lost them….i’ve lost them…oh no!!!!! How are we going to get home now? ‘ And she says, ‘MUMMMMMMM!!!!! open your hand …NOW!!!’...and then i realise they were their all along. DOH

The 6 Bloggers i want to know more about are…







* please have a look at my Bookmooch Inventory and see if there is anything you want to mooch from me.

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6 Responses to The Unspectacular Quirk Meme

  1. Cathy says:

    Am grateful my children are no longer at home when I did my MEME. Only God knows what they could think about their “quirky mother.” And NO! I am not obsessive compulsive about having beds made when they’re not being slept in!!! Have a grand day!! This was great!

  2. Antonia says:

    haha! Chris shops like you, totally randomly! I like to be 100% methodical with my aisles, going systematically from one to the next, even down the ones I *know* we don’t need anything from, just *in case* there is something I’ve forgotten.

    (having said that, that’s not entirely true. As soon as we get into ASDA we zoom to the reduced sections first to check out the bargins, and then I make us go back to the entrance and start at the beginning!)


  3. Suzanne says:

    I gotta tell you…we check doors alike, we lose keys alike, we shop alike, we like to write notes alike…I think I connected to everything but the oil on the forehead part and maybe only because I didn’t know what it was and or maybe because I tend to have more stomach problems vs. headache! Is all this not funny? 🙂

  4. I do that with keys too. Drives me insane.

    can’t mooch your books cos I’m not registered and bookcrossing is enough for me. If you ever get into bookcrossing yourself let me know 🙂 and I can fill your bookshelves 🙂

    hope the electricians finish soon 🙂

  5. Adrienne says:

    You seem pretty normal and loveable to me….

    (except for the shopping thingy. I would kill you 10 minutes into the store. I not only have a list but it’s in order of the way the store is arranged – how’s that for OCD??)

  6. Jay3GSM says:

    I done the Meme. I am spectacularly ‘unquirky’ 🙂

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