Photographs of Water Sports at Newborough Beach

One of the best days out we had in Wales this summer was the one when we went to Newborough Beach on Anglesey. We’ve visited the island many times and have friends there, but never visited the beach previously. Newborough has been voted the British Beach of the Year or something like that, it’s a blue flag beach, totally gorgeous.

The only thing you need to know if you are going to spend the day at Newborough beach is that though it has toilet facilities, no cafe or other means of getting hold of edible foodstuffs are within walking distance, should you have forgotten to take any with you.

Like we did.

But then, before we went there we didn’t know we wouldn’t be able to come and go a we pleased.

About a mile or so from the beach is a barrier that goes up when you pay £3 to enter, and once you’ve paid your money you drive through the forest to the beach and you’re pretty much stuck there till you want to go home. No nipping off to get a spot of lunch or anything (well, not unless you want to pay another £3 to re-enter).

Well it was our first time there and we were absolutely ravenous after a couple of hours as we’d only taken a bottle of cola and a few bags of Walkers crisps with us. It is definately the kind of place where you want to spend more than an hour or two though so we were disappointed to leave sooner than we would have liked.

The kids had a fab time splashing in the sea at ages 13 and 16 and it was great to see them having a good time together. Especially after all the stress we’d been under waiting for Wonderboy’s diagnosis and then with Wondergirl taking her GCSE’s and us having huge renovation work done on the house.

We would have loved to stay longer, but next time we’ll know to take our lunch with us!

Anyway, i don’t know for sure what the name of the sport below is, is it windsurfing of a different variety? I don’t know. I think it may be called kite surfing, but i’m not sure.

Anyway, i took a few snaps and thought i’d post them for you. Hope you like them! (my favourites are the first and last photos!)

All images are copyright of Debbie Scalise 2008. Please do not use them without my permission. Thank you.

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12 Responses to Photographs of Water Sports at Newborough Beach

  1. Owen says:

    Tethered and free.

  2. Karen says:

    Fabulous pics, Deb. Glad you had a great time.

    [What, no hand stamps and day passes for the parking?!]

  3. the first one was my favourite -love the composition- the sky the clouds the guy below the clouds and then the sea

    great colours too

    £3 doesn’t sound that much for parking (with regard to the cost of everything else nowadays) and if that’s used to keep the beach in pristine condition then I’d say it’s well worth every penny.

    Too bad you didn’t have lunch with you though.

  4. Phil says:

    After this summer, I can’t believe that’s British weather!

  5. Suzanne says:

    How awesome is God’s work here?!!!
    Beautiful! Thanks for the kind birthday wishes! I had a lovely one…kind of simple but truly lovely!
    God bless.

  6. Antonia says:

    they are pretty cool photos!

  7. Cathy says:

    Must have been a delightful day! Wow the pics are really wonderful!

  8. ukok says:


    interesting observation.

    I thought immediately i read your comment, about our relationship with the Church, with God even. People generally think of tethering in a negative light….as restraint…but tethering can be very much for our own good, so that we are ‘planted’ and do not drift to a place where we will not be cared for. (of course, sometimes we have to untether ourselves to find a place we will be cared for!)

    But we are also free…free to choose to stay or to go, freed by our faith, by our beliefs….the more i think about it, the more could be written about this. Your short comment provided much depth, my friend!


    that’s right, no hand stamps or anything. The place where you pay is actualy a rusty old metal machine that you put your 3 quid in and the bar lifts and the spike thing coming out of the road goes down to the ground so it can be driven across.

    Once you’re in, you’re in! The beach appeared to be completely unmanned except for a lifeguard type person who was chatting with the sportspeople. He didn’t have a lifeguard uniform on or even a badge on, he just sort of looked like he might work for the coastguard or something. Could be wrong and maybe he was just a visitor showing an interest in the sportspeople.


    That was a complete fluke that i managed to snap the dude when his board was lifted some feet in the air. I just snapped about 300 shots and hoped one of them would come out half way decent….which happens to be my particular way of photographing any subject matter. Sometimes it works, sometimes it dissapointingly doesn’t!


    Ah well that was one of about 5 or 6 days of the 16 days we spent in Wales, that was sunny and remained that way all day. I think that actually was ‘summer’ 🙂


    there’s a belated birthday card winging it’s way to you as i write this 🙂

    Antonia and Cathy,

    Thanks so much! Glad you liked them!

  9. mum6kids says:

    You’re pretty talented with that camera of yours. You should start your own little business.

    I’ve awarded you on WSNS btw

  10. Cor, that ain’t the Wales I know! Every time we cross the border, the heavens open! We must try and get across there sometime, with a well-packed pic-nic basket, of course; your fantastic photies have inspired me!

  11. ukok says:


    Thanks for the award 🙂

    I used to work as a portrait photographer about 17 years ago, sadly i don’t have the equipment to go professional again, but i do enjoy myself, and as long as so many of you enjoy looking at some of the stuff i snap, that’s alright with me 🙂


    I know! You have to know to where to go when the rain has subsided. Up till now we’ve been fortunate enough to spend overall about 4-5 weeks a year down in that area so we make the best of it good days and bad.

    If you are ever near Newborough and there’s even the hint of sun, i would strongly urge you to go and visit and see what Wales can look like at its best. Though to be honest, even though when it rains it can limit outdoor activity, we’ve always found somewhere to go and something to do.

    Our recent neighbours on the site we go to recently told us that all their work colleagues had laughingly ‘warned’ them that they would likely return miserable when they said they were going on holiday in Wales…but the husband and wife were astounded by the beauty of Snowdonia, the weather, the many places to visit etc.

    They assured me they would be going back and telling their friends that they had a marvellous experience of holidaying in Wales.

    I say, give it a go to anyone who has reservations. Sunshine isn’t everything and you can’t even be guaranteed it if you go abroad.

    Speaking for myself, if i as in a position to do so i would gladly move there. It’s become so familiar to me, the people have become such good freinds.

    Maybe one day eh!

  12. Ahh, my dream is to have one of those double-fronted Welsh cottages, overlooking the sea….

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