The asthma’s been off the rails lately…not altogether unexpected, all things considered, but none the less, i’ve had a significant drop in my peak flow measurement. I’m hitting 100 less on my peak flow meter than i did last year. The good news is that i’m going to be having some more lung function tests and also some blood tests, just to rule out a few nasties, but i’m feeling really quite pleased that I got to the doctors today.

Like a lot of people, i hate going along and speaking about whats wrong with me so i tend to muddle on and get sicker than i need to be…but recently there have been too many times when doubling my dose of steroid inhaler hasn’t helped and when my reliever inhalers didn’t seem to even be working (they were of course, technically at least, but they just didn’t have the desired effect and there are occasions when i am having to have a considerably high dose of ventolin) .

To be honest, there’s been times of late i’ve even been on the verge of calling the doctor out, especially at night when i’ve  wondered a few times now, if i would even wake up the next morning. An inability to breath properly is, i imagine, similar to how it feels to drown. It really isn’t very pleasant gasping for air. Hopefully though i’ll soon be able to get the treatment that will have my asthma med-managed once again.

The chronic daily headaches are such a…well… pain…and the overwhelming tiredness even after a good nights sleep can be so debilitating as i try to plod on through my day… after all this time I should be getting accustomed to it. I go out for a bit, then I come home and have to lie down to get over going out in the first place. LOL!

Today I saw a doctor i hadn’t seen before and she seemed to have time for me and i appreciated that. I’ll see her again in a couple of weeks when i’ve had my tests and the results trickle through to her.  Thanks be to God for GP’s who actually make you feel that you are important to them. They do an invaluable job.

I had some other good thing happen today too. It’s not something i really want to share publically, but it’s something that is going to improve one area of my life significantly. Thanks be to God for you.  You know who you are!

All things considered it’s been a busy and tiring week, but quite productive too and I’m especially looking forward to the start of college again tomorrow, it’s only for a couple of hours a week but it’s good to have something to work towards isn’t it? Not to let my little (very little) grey cells turn to dust.

So what you been up to lately?

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3 Responses to Wazzup!

  1. Gabrielle says:

    I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so poorly, ukok. Isn’t it wonderful when you find a doctor who “has time for you”? I hope all the testing goes very well.

  2. take care of yourself

    what are you doing in college. did I miss something?

  3. ukok says:


    thank you 🙂

    I hope the tests go well too. Often i’ve been put off going to the doctors because i feel like doctors have so little time for their patients that it feels like a conveyer belt system.So impersonal. I’ve gone in to see doctors who didn’t even raise their heads from their desk until over half way through our 5 minute appointment.

    It was a very pleasant surprise to find that the doctor was interested in her patient, but also posessed another all too unique quality, she was thorough!


    You know i messed around at school and didn’t bother to show up for some exams, the exams i did turn up for i did badly on. So i decided to take a couple of courses. I’ve wanted to go back and prove to myself that i can get GCSE’s in Maths and English, but until recently didn’t have the opportunity to do that, now i have, so i’m going to have a crack at it. Also, i’m doing a course for people wanting to train to be teaching assistants.

    I’m a bit concerned about my asthma, my headaches and tiredness at the moment so i’m hoping i get that under control and that none of my health problems will stop me doing these courses. They’re only for a few hours each week though so hopefully i will manage ok.

    Thanks for asking, i appreciate that 🙂

    How are your studies going? (I have been reading in bloglines even when i haven’t had the chance to blog visit with all that’s happened during the last few weeks)

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