In other news

Well the other template didn’t work out. I know that many of you were complimentary about it but too many readers were experiencing problems with it and i couldn’t ignore that.  I have returned, for now, to the old theme and hopefully if WordPress introduce more themes, I will try them out and eventually find a format we can all enjoy using.

In other news, we’re all sick here with coughs and colds (and flu like symptoms) and i have had to keep the kids off school today. I had my breathing tests yesterday and have my blood tests this afternoon and an appointment with the doc for next week. Dad’s catarat op seemed to go well (praise God) but the surgeon had a different way of performing the op on his right eye,  to the surgeon who had done the cataract op on his left eye a few months ago…there seems to have been considerably more discomfort and soreness this time around and his eye is very much more bloodshot.

The first op was in the NHS, the second op was ‘outsourced’ by the NHS to a private hospital,…there is a limited amount of time in which the second cataract op should be carried out or else extremely serious consequences can occur so i think there must have been too many patients to be dealt with in the NHS. I find it interesting that the second op has caused so much more discomfort than the first, when the second would have cost an exhorbitant amount of money if it had to have been paid for privately.

We may have our grumbles about the NHS….(and i have my share)…but there is yet something to be said for it….even if their ‘right hand’ never seems to know what their ‘left’ is doing!

In other other news….bless you kind souls who have been emailing me via Google Mail and Facebook in recent weeks, i’m sorry if i haven’t had the time to get back to you all yet, but please rest assured that we are doing okay. We have found a parish and a priest who is fully aware of our situation, has offered us immeasurable support and welcomes us as a family, without hesitation, at his church.

Your kind assitance in offering support, both financial (which i am unable to accept) and emotional and continued prayers and encouragement (which i am able to accept!)and even in writing me to invite us to worship in your own parishes and parishes you know that are local to me, is very much appreciated.

In still more news…don’t forget that the Card Competition is open for a further 5 days until midnight on the 24th September.  At which time, when it becomes the 25th September,  I will then use a Random Number Generator to choose the winning number (each commenter having been given a number via the order to the comment). See the prize of my handcrafted cards here.

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2 Responses to In other news

  1. Therese says:

    we all have colds in our house too Deb. Praying that you will be over it soon.

  2. ukok says:

    And I will remember you and yours in my prayers too Therese 🙂

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