The Autumn Meme

(please free to send my autumnal ecard, pictured above)

Here’s a meme i found on Mimi’s blog.

When does fall begin for you?
This year? With the lack of Summer, September.

What is your favorite aspect of fall?

Warming food, curtains closed early, warmth, retreating to the womb like state.

What is your favorite fall memory?
Not a good question for  a person with memory problems to answer! LOL!

What do you like to drink in the fall?
Hot chocolate and as at all times of the year, plenty of tea.

What is your favourite fall food?

Soups, casseroles and heaps of stodgy stuff laden with calories.

What is fall weather like where you live?
Rainy, windy, gloomy grey clouds, occassional misleading bursts of sunshine, biting cold morning air carrying the threat of winter on its tail.

What color is fall?
At first russet reds and oranges and rust….quickly turning to muddy mushed leaves that clog the drains and guttering and give the impression that the streets are strewn with mud.

What does fall smell like?
Fresh and smogless, ‘nippy’ as we would say. Nippy in feel and touch and smell. It also smells like good hearty home-cooked food and warmth and cuddles.

Holiday shopping in fall:

Does this mean Christmas shopping? I shop for Christmas all the year through. If i see something for someone i buy it when i see it. I am not a ‘leave it until Christmas Eve’ type of person.

If you could go anywhere in the fall, where would you go?

I’d like to travel to America or Canada, but not on a plane because i fear being cooped up on a plane and feeling claustrophobic and my asthma getting out of hand, then i would make a scene and then I would be asked to leave the plane and everyone would stare at me…i think in that case i would just like to stay here.

What is your favorite fall sport?
Don’t do sports. Don’t participate in sports at any time of the year, don’t watch any sports in Autumn.

Do you have a favorite fall chore?
A favourite chore? Hang on a minute while i roll around the floor laughing my ass off ….okay, i’m just thinking about it! Erm, nope. Nor at any other time of the year.

What is your least favorite thing about fall?

It is cold and i am sensitive to the cold. The weather is gloomy and doesn’t elate the spirits. Leaf mush.

What is your favorite fall holiday?
I don’t celebrate an Autumn ‘holiday’ as such, but the kids get a week off school during October and i enjoy not having to do the school runs that week.

What’s your favorite kind of pie?.
Cherry or pecan.

Which do you prefer, the Farm or the Fair?
I don’t really understand the question. I live in a city with few farms.

Do you have a favorite fall book?


How about a favorite fall poem or quote?

Consider yourself taged if yu want to be!

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5 Responses to The Autumn Meme

  1. I really miss the autumn in england…you don’t appreciate it until you are far away from it……I am so fed up of the hot weather here…i know you probably think I’m completely mad!! i love the autumn colours and the crispness in the air,here in nazareth it is so humid and muggy,although it is cooling off a bit now…….

  2. Mimi says:

    Ok, the occasional misleading bursts of sunshine made me giggle, but the answer to favorite Fall chore made me chortle! I LOVE you!

  3. Easter A. says:

    Can’t say because Esther and I only have rainy and dry seasons. I know we are spoiled, but we do not have the luxury of enjoying the beautiful scenery change from one form to another. 🙂

    You are loved, Deb! Beautiful card! You are so artistic!!!

  4. Rosemary says:

    Love the ecard and your answers. I don’t play any sports either.

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