Funny kinda monday

Well here i am sitting on a funny kind of Monday and this funny kind of Monday ain’t so funny, after all….or something like that. I can’t recall the exact lyrics to Glen Campbell’s Funny kind of Monday (and maybe that isn’t even the song title of it) but anyway…what music did your parents play in the family home when you were growing up?

I was raised with Jim Reeves, Glen Campbell, Mario Lanza, Nat King Cole and Don Williams playing on the old record player. Eventually we got a tape player and i had the record player in my bedroom (where i developed my own music tastes including Ozzy Osbourne, Rush, Black Sabbath and Rainbow).

I am having major nostalgic flashbacks now just thinking about those days when the only responsibilities i had were to get up, get dressed and brush my teeth each morning!

I distinctly remember that I was in one big hurry to ‘grow up’.

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10 Responses to Funny kinda monday

  1. barbszy says:

    My parents listened to John Denver, Irish music (Clancy Brothers, later the Wolfe Tones also); show tunes from Godspell, Shenandoah, and one or two others. That’s what I remember from growing up. Ooo, we had the 8-track! LOL!

  2. ukok says:

    Oh yeah my parents listened to John Denver a lot too…and the Fury’s! What’s an 8 track Barb?

  3. Kelly says:

    We had an 8-track – a very large cassette/cartridge which contained an album. When it switched tracks, the music would fade out, click, and then fade in. I don’t know why it was called an 8 track – it only had four tracks. According to one article, it was two programs per track… LOL. Too bad if it was in the middle of a long song. Here is a picture of one on wiki:

    In my very young childhood home, it was the Beatles, Carpenters, Jim Croce, Earth Wind and Fire, Simon and Garfunkel…

    I remember my grandmother listening to The Most Beautiful Girl, by Charlie Rich.

  4. Suzanne says:

    My parents liked sing-a-long things that dated back to things like Bicycle Built for Two and they liked showtunes like Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof and they liked to dance fun and slow both.
    I can sing anything you want me to from the their time on until I started having kids…I mean, not without the music in the background, but its almost pitiful..I could make A+ in pop music..what happened to English and History, was another story until much later! 🙂
    I’m with some of ya’ll parents…loved John Denver.
    He’s gone now, but his music was very calming, fun, and I enjoyed his concert better than most I’d ever attended. Danny looked just like him when we were dating and first married, only he didn’t have the little round glasses..his were a different shape, but it was amazing how alike they looked…almost eerie!

  5. Owen says:

    The only guy I can listen to out of either your parents or your grouping is Nat. Though hats off to you for getting a Canadian band in there eh? I was listening to jazz (trios and quartets of the 1959 and early sixties mostly but other stuff too), jazz fusion, thanks Miles, Weather Report and such and in the rock realm it was Genesis, 10CC before they went pop, Moody Blues and on and on. Bob Dylan, Credence Clearwater Revival, Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Cockburn, Joni Mitchell, oh so many others. Even, get his, briefly Ian Drury (gosh that was wonderfully awful stuff “s-x and dr-gs and rock ‘n roll” was his big one hit wonder). My dad’s foray into pop music included John Denver who I really couldn’t take at all but we both like Harry Chapin. Well, that’s enough. Peace on your Monday.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I was in a hurry to grow up too…now I spend a lot of time wishing I wasn’t so grown up. Maybe 10 years less grown up. LOL.

    I grew up with a small stereo playing a lot of songs from the 50’s. Not a lot of Elvis but other stuff. I actually got dh to download me a bunch of the songs I remember earlier this year.

    Then I developed my taste…the 80’s.

  7. Alexa says:

    The radio was always on “e-z listening” at our home – but when it came to records, I think my parents had one that they played WAY too often – “Helen Reddy – or is it, “Helen Ready”. They also liked Barbra Streisand.

    Growing up (high school) I listened to Jim Croce, Carol King, Carly Simon, Simon and Garfunkle, John Denver, America. Then in college/university it was mostly my late-husband’s tastes – Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and some jazz stuff.

    Now I like the stuff from my parents’ growing up years – Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole….I also like Diana Krall and Josh Groban as well as some old ’70’s songs and things like the Bee Gees and even some old Elvis Songs.

  8. ukok says:

    How could i have forgotten Elvis?

    We always had Elvis playing. Gosh i hope the doc can sort my head out so my memory improves!

  9. Eclectic Mix. Dad was surprisingly on the forward edge of things…. I can remember him bringing home the “Meet the Beatles” album when I was 7, not too many months after the death of JFK. [Dad had also been an Elvis fan] mom would listen to easy listening, whatever was on the radio when she did housework.

    When I was growing up, there were still many variety shows on, and we watched anything from Sing along with Mitch, [follow the bouncing ball] to Ed Sullivan, religiously. We’d watch the Dean Martin show, Red Skelton, dad like Hee-Haw (country!_ and the Grand ole opry. C&W]

    I caught the tail end of the Golden age, and learned to play piano — Showtunes were my favs. from watching the Sullivan show [often carried scenes from currently running b’way plays] and things like Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Camelot, Fiddler on the Roof etc. were very popular. Standards. The new b’way stuff is too often 2nd rate crap.

  10. ukok says:

    You play piano? WOW! I would love to be able to play the paino…and i love love love musicals….

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