I’m a Simple Woman

For Today…

Outside my Window…it’s a very ‘fresh’ day here in the middle of England. The sun is shining, but it belies the coolness in the air.

I am thinking…how many arguments do i have to have with my son over the time he spends gaming. It is becoming more draining than ever. The PS3 is now sitting in the hall, i have told him to take it to his Dad’s as it’s causing too much animosity here, whether i will give in and allow him to take it back upstairs is another thing entirely.

From the learning rooms…I am learning that all those books about good parenting were a complete waste of money.

I am thankful for…the dog coming and sitting next to me as i type this, i am feeling like a crummy mummy and she is just as loving as ever. Oops spoke too soon, she has gone to sit in a patch of sunshine shining through the window, making a pool of warm light on the carpet at the other side of the lounge. Traitor.

From the kitchen…I have to rustle up something to cook for tonight’s evening meal and i don’t know at the moment what that might be…..it will be a ‘throw together’ meal…..throw it all together and hope it tastes alright!

I am wearing…stretchy trousers and a top (thanky God for lycra), they’e comfy but show up all the lumps i have in the wrong places. It’s okay, i’m not going out today except to do the school run….and then no one can really see me!

I am reading…blogs and emails.

I am hoping… to write up three weeks of college notes later today, or at least make a start on it as it has to go into my portfolio, to be marked.

I am creating… i am going to be  ‘kitchen creative’ and conjouring up a meal for tonight!

I am hearing…the sound of the phone i didn’t get to in time to answer, aparrantly the caller witheld their number. I hate that.

Around the house…Blogging, tidying the lounge, washing the dishes.

One of my favorite things…my red shoes.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…i’d like to get the grass mown but I haven’t felt up to it for a while, don’t know if i will be able to do it or if it will be too late to get one last mow in before the grass is just too wet to mow for the rest of this year.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

my red shoes!

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12 Responses to I’m a Simple Woman

  1. Owen says:

    Lovely shoes. The pope would approve.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I was going to say..they remind me of the ones I saw on the Holy Father too! 😉 You are in high Vatican style, gurlfren!

  3. Mimi says:

    I LOVE your red shoes! So adorable.

    I also like your talk of the autumn air, so beautiful.

  4. ukok says:

    LOL! I never thought about the similarities between the Holy Fathers papal footwear and my own humble footwear.

    I think his being Prada-made may make them slightly more expensive that my Pavers footwear but hey what’s a few thousand pounds got to do with it!

    You guys crack me up 🙂

  5. Rosemary says:

    I like your red shoes too! It’s starting to get chilly here too.

  6. buff says:

    red shoes are always cheery

  7. Alexa says:

    I would throw that PS2 in the garbage – you’re paying for its existence right now and you’ll pay for it in SPADES later, kiddo.

    I’m serious.

    I love those shoes too!

  8. Easter A. says:

    Hello dear Deb,
    You always make me giggle… thanks :-).
    Love those shoes! I happen to like red ones. 🙂

  9. mum6kids says:

    Get Boy Wonder to mow the lawn for half an hour on his PS2 🙂
    LOL-I love what you wrote about all those books on parenting! I have read one or two. A friend lent me one she reckons is ‘life changing’. I found it … well it didn’t change my life!
    I’ve learned more about parenting from parents who are too busy parenting to write books about it.

    Take care.
    God bless

  10. tina natalello says:

    I like red shoes too! I think they make us happy because they remind us of our childhood. What little girl didn’t have a pair of red shoes! Oh, and Debbie have you thought about rationing Wonderboys PS3 time. Let him have it at a certain time and time length, and he has to ern his time on it by doing something constructive like study or jobs around the house.

  11. Great pic of red shoes. Yes, EVERY girl had a pair of red shoes!!!! 😀

    Don’t worry about the wonderboy. Our parents worried were we watching too much TV (yes), and we still turned out okay. He could be out stealing hubcaps. Encourage him to take a programming class or something!

    Aren’t dogs absolutely GREAT when you are feeling crappy? They don’t even know why you are feeling that way, but they always sense it and want to give sympathy and affection and “help.” Dogs never dump on you. But you gotta understand that patch of sunshine thing…they’ll be back as soon as it’s gone. “Dogs were born to sleep in the sun” – Charles Schultz


  12. ukok says:

    Tina, yep you hit the nail on the head. We have just come up with an arrangement (that i wrote out and stuck on the lounge door so he can’t say we didn’t already talk this one through!) it’s a kind of timetable that allows him X amount of time on the thing. I wish his Dad had never bought it though 😦


    You are right. that’s what i thought the other day. i thought hey, i don’t let him play outside and at least i know where heis all the time. It could be so much worse than this. I just worry for his health because he used to have a lot of headaches and because the violent games make him aggressive, i really do believe that.Hopefully, now that we have reached a compromise, the dust between us will settle a little!

    Great words of advice folks, thanks for your help on this!

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