And they none were without sin…..

A young girl of just 13 years of age was brutally raped, then she was put in a hole, buried up to her neck and stoned to death by more than 50 men.  More than 1,000 people stood by and watched. I’m not talking about something that happened 2,000 years ago. This happened last week. Source

Am I alone in wanting to see the Lord descend from the skies on a cloud sometime soon…Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers!

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12 Responses to And they none were without sin…..

  1. Scotty says:

    Oh lass, reading that made me feel physically sick…. praying for the soul of that poor innocent child and yes – Lord, come soon!

  2. June Reese says:

    After last night’s election, I feel a deep and profound sadness. Reading this made it even worse. I understand Jesus crying out on the cross “Why have you abandoned me?” But,as a saintly friend of mine reminded me, even Pilate had a critical part in God’s plan. It feels like we are stuck at the foot of the cross…in sorrow…but we know through faith that He will rise again. I pray He comes soon.

  3. Libbie says:

    Golly, it doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? It’s like some horrible kafka-esque nightmare.

  4. Easter A. says:

    I was sure you were about to write a reflection on the Gospel… This is so sad. Praying for that poor woman and for those men…
    Thank you for posting this.

  5. Phil says:

    No, you’re not…

  6. marie says:

    this is so sickening!x

  7. Suzanne says:

    I can’t read this..I already know that..but I’ve been praying..yes, Dear Lord, have mercy. Amen

  8. mum6kids says:

    Deb I have awarded you.

    My Muslim taxi driver t’other day made it quite clear what he thinks of ‘white’ culture. I wonder if he looks at his own people with equal disgust.

  9. Easter A. says:

    Adding: you got a special mention award on my blog… 🙂

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  11. ukok says:

    June, thanks so much for leaving such an insightful comment. It does often feel like we are superglued to the foot of the cross, bent over with sorrow and living in the shadows. It’s important to remember that we can hold on to the cross to help ourselves up again.

    Libbie, absolutely. Terrible shame.

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