Happy New Liturgical Year Resolutions

On the eve of 2009 many people will be making New Years resolutions.

Advent is the beginning of a new Church year.

But are we making any spiritual resolutions?

Mores the point…will we break them as quickly as we do our 2009 resolutions?

Is there something we could do that would enrich our spiritual life? Is there something harmful we could cease to do and thereby aid our spritual life?

We have all of Advent to prepare ourselves to meet the King, but will we be ready?

What are you doing to prepare for the Lord’s coming?

If you are anything like me, you’re not doing nearly enough.

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16 Responses to Happy New Liturgical Year Resolutions

  1. Julie says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this season because ther’s something about a penitential season, in its inherent graces, that helps me really live up to resolutions. In looking at my life, I try to figure out where I’m “out of control” and that’s the first thing to be reined in. And if that’s too “big”, then I look at taming similar passions, maybe smaller things, hoping that if I can say “no” to myself in smaller things, then God will give me the grace to tame the larger ones. (This was actually advice I got a couple years ago, to not automatically go after the big stuff becaus sometimes that sets us up for failure).

    We have to train our intellect and will…God will help, but we have to let Him.So that’s my first thing, to work on tackling that.

    Also, to try to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, consistently, morning and evening. And to go more regularly to Daily Mass…I often cannot go, but the sad thing is that when I can, I choose not to . Can you imagine?!

    We are so lost without God!

  2. Owen says:

    A blessed new year.
    Right now I’m just trying to stay healthy enough to have my operation on the 12th.

    In the long run, I am going to stay with the Liturgy of the Hours that I returned to this year – I’ll dump that (don’t like the NAB translation used throughout or the bland prayers but I do like reading the Second Readings which are often by Doctors, Popes, bishops, and others in the Church going as far back as c.AD.100) and will switch to the yet to be published Latin-English Breviary.

    Will attend the TLM more often. Why not? I am fortunate enough to have one here in the city.

    Will draw more.

    Will probably being to let my more conservative nature show, maybe even online. I know even if I do this peacefully I will loose online friends and companions. Sad but so be it. In my art and in my faith I have to become more who I am.

    Love to you across the Pond.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Very though provoking post. Good timing for me.

    My kids brought home a parish letter news from school. In it was the idea that at Christmas we should all come back to church. We will be welcomed back into the family. That’s me…I need to go back.

    In July when I hurt my back I couldn’t go. I physically could not attend mass. By the middle of October I probably could have put up with the torture long enough to go but never. I still have not went.

    I feel bad. I feel like people will judge me. That they won’t want me back. I know that’s silly but I do feel that way.

    I am going. This week-end. I will go to confession and then to Mass. I will bring myself back closer to God to prepare myself for the coming of his Son.

    Thanks for posting this. You have given me the courage to do it.

  4. Mimi says:

    We’ve been in Advent since November 15th, it is a time of fasting and quietness (although, I admit I’m not near as quiet as I should be)

    May it be a blessed year for you and yours, dearest Deb!

  5. Alexa says:

    Hey Deb! I tagged you for a meme!

  6. Adrienne says:

    Nothing like a little “Catholic guilt” I LOVE guilt!!! Guilt is good!!! I THRIVE on guilt. It is my prime motivater…….

    If I start making my list now of things to fix maybe by Christmas it will be done….

    Thanks for a great idea!

  7. Karen says:

    Geez, I’ve never thought of making CAtholic new year resolutions. Well, on a technicality I’m really eastern rite Catholic, so I should have made those on Sept. 1. [I still don’t “get” why they do it then. I used to know, but forgot.]

    Oh. And you’ve been TAGGED.

  8. Tim J says:

    This post is well-timed. I’m already struggling with holiday gluttony, in a season that OUGHT to be a penitential season not that different from Lent.

    Not that feasting isn’t a good thing at times, but in the States, anyway, the availability of rich food and drink and the frequency at which it appears this time of year can be a real challenge.

    I’ve celebrated three birthdays and Thanksgiving in the last two weeks, and we’re having another little party this weekend! I could use some prayers for an increase of love-through-discipline.

  9. Moni says:

    The Ministry of the Arts has wonderful booklets each Advent and Lent season with daily readings, reflections, prayers etc. As I travel so much and work 24/6 at times I rarely have time to make it to church but those booklets are a wonderful daily inspiration. Also, I get them for my friend on Death Row and we discuss the daily readings, again, very inspirational.
    For the rest no resolutions, just taking life one day at a time at the moment. It is the only way we really can anyway.

  10. Suzanne says:

    I am still trying to do something pro-life each day, rather that be praying a rosary for the unborn,
    offering my time at the Crisis Pregnancy Center bringing a donation or anything simple they might need
    to take a load off of their feet..maybe even just to inspire other volunteers, visit elderly in the nursing home, rock a baby at the Hannah House, or pray outside of the abortion mill with others respectfully, or making sure a handicapped person has help who may need it or just to call and chat with them. I’ve learned that God has alot for me to do here and since the election in America, it has been made more clear to many of us here that we need to do these things. I also hope others will join in with myself and others.
    A little can go a long way..its just that like me, we often don’t think of all the little ways. I know I didn’t.
    Oh and if you need to visit a prisoner and you can’t…write letters…you never know. 🙂

  11. a thought …

    your last comment sounded like striving to me … one of the freedoms that I’ve really had confirmed by God this past year is that He loves me ‘no matter what’ …

    it’s so easy to fall into the trap of works and striving … and it’s not that doing good things are bad (of course they aren’t) but my spiritual resolution is to allow myself some of the Grace that Father God extends …. He is NOT demanding but he IS very very encouraging ….He wants us to be more like His son, and by the working of His spirit in us (and not our own merits or own efforts) … i.e. by HIS GRACE we’ll be transformed little by little.

    that’s SO encouraging

    and I love it that we can see Advent as a new beginning … a chance to allow ourselves to accept His love and become more loving as a result of it (and not vice versa) …

    Our Father is wonderful 🙂

  12. Owen says:

    I bless God for the freedom and beauty that is found, not to mention the special graces which are also found when we do our acts of mercy.

    While sacred scripture is clear that we all must work out our salvation in fear and trembling the “striving” becomes thriving as we commit each act to our Lord and for his purposes and glory.

    God bless you Deb, we will never do enough in respect to what He has done for us and continues to do, every day, every Mass but we can take rest, release, freedom and purpose in doing well that which we are doing.

  13. Easter A. says:

    thinking of you, dear Deb… Hope all’s OK. Lots of love to you!

  14. St. Conleth's says:

    We’d be most grateful if you would post about three forthcoming Latin Masses in Ireland:


    Also, we’d be very grateful if you would put our blog on your list of blogs.

    God bless you!

    St. Conleth’s Catholic Heritage Association

  15. mum6kids says:

    I’m just ploughing on. Trying to be a good wife and mum-trying and trying (lol). trying to pray more and actually concentrate on the prayers!
    I love Advent. It has that self examination side without the sorrow of Lent.
    God bless

  16. Jean says:

    Hi Deb,

    I hope everything is OK with you and your family. I have missed you a lot!

    Love the cards — they are so special — just like you!

    I have something for you at my blog:
    Go here
    http://catholicfire.blogspot.com/2008/12/marie-antoinette-award.html for details.

    Your old email address isn’t working, so I hope you’ll email me and send me your new one.

    I’m on Facebook with you now – so you can find my email addy there if you don’t have it yet. I have three and they’re all still working.

    Take care, Deb! God bless you!

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