Please Pray

you-are-in-my-thoughts-and-prayers-candle-and-handsPost edited to say: Dad’s appointment has been postponed as the weather is too bad for him to get out as when it’s this cold it goes straight to his lungs and makes his breathing even more difficult. I’ve also left a comment in the combox of this post.

May i please beg your prayers ?

Both Dad and i have some health concerns which we will both be seeing someone about this week, Dad has had a recurring chest infection that hasn’t responded to  the 3 courses of both very strong antibiotics and steroids he has been prescribed for about the last 6 -8 weeks now. Dad had to have a chest x-ray etc, a couple of weeks ago and  has recieved a letter asking him to see his G.P on Thursday, about the results. Dad has had lung problems for many years now, he has both C.O.P.D and asthma… he has only 40% of his lungs working on a good day, so you can imagine how hard it hits him to get a chest infection, especially one like this. Of course, we are praying for a good outcome from the xray and spit test, but  we are all understandably concerned for his health. Please, dear friends, pray for him.

For myself… due to unforseen developments in the NHS appointment schedule, i now have an appointment to see the neurologist on Tuesday. I am glad to have an earlier than expected appointment, but anxious too as the last appointment was so distressing and bought about no relief of my symptoms nor pain.  I’m terrified that the appointment will go badly again and i am afraid too, that i will be forgetful…that i will not make myself very well understood and that i will leave important things out that need to be mentioned.

Pray please that  both Dad and I might continue to place our care into God’s hands and that His will be done.

Know, my friends, that I remember you all in my prayers and pray regularly for your intentions.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.


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37 Responses to Please Pray

  1. Phil says:

    Prayers for you both!

  2. Tim J. says:

    Praying for you and your dad.

    Regarding making yourself understood, why not bring some notes?

    Sorry to hear about this rough patch. Hang in there.

  3. Sarah says:

    Prayers for you both. Any time. All the time!! God bless you both.

  4. Aphra says:

    praying as well 🙂

  5. ukok says:

    Thanks all, your prayers are most certainly appreciated.

    Tim, i took notes last time and the neurologist smiled a little sarcastically and then sat back and said ‘people come in here thinking they have terrible diseases, with lists of what they think is wrong with them!’

    And i felt that he was of the opinion that i shouldn’t have done so. But i will write a list anyway 😉

  6. barbszy says:

    Adding my prayers!

  7. Adam D says:

    I’m praying for you both and for God to soften the heart of your neurologist!

  8. Melanie says:

    Praying for both your intentions, Deb! Bring notes to your appointment so you don’t have to worry about forgetting something! I usually bring notes to my doctor appointments, and always to the kids’ appointments.

  9. mum6kids says:

    Deb-you and your dad are in my prayers.
    I hope this appt goes better than the last one. Stand your ground, even if they bully you.
    God bless

  10. Moni says:

    I shall keep especially your dad and you in my prayers and the rest of the family too of course.
    And thank you for your prayers for Bobby!

  11. Rosemary says:

    Oh, Deb, both you and your father are in my prayers. I prya for wisdom and compassion for the doctors. And may they treat you both with respect.

  12. Owen says:

    Having just returned from another four days in hospital I have some concerns of my own so, dear Deb, I’ll swap you and your Dad intentions. Let’s lift each other up.

  13. Maggieclitheroe says:

    Keeping you and your family in my prayers – thanks for the blog awards too! I must get back to posting soon…
    God Bless.

  14. You will be in my prayers, my friend.

  15. ukok says:

    It means a lot to me that you are all sending your positive thoughts, prayers and love. Dad’s appointment has been delayed until Thursday now as we are having some heavy sno and it is difficult for Dad to get out in cold weather as it goes straight to his lungs.

    I am hoping the neuro appointment doesn’t get cancellled because of the snow! I have made a list of things i need to mention, please God let me get an understanding neuro!

    I covet your prayers, my friends!

  16. Suzanne says:

    Deb, Of course I will say some prayers for both of you!
    Right now.
    God bless and be at peace.

  17. Mimi says:

    Oh hon, absolutely Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy.

  18. Rita says:

    Prayers being said for you both.

    Lots of love

  19. ukok says:

    Suz, Mimi and Rita,

    Thanks so much for your prayers, they are very much appreciated.

    I’m so anxious about the neuro appointment but more worried that it will be cancelled due to weather conditions.

    The appointment is at 6pm (UK) my time, so please continue to pray my friends. Dad’s appointment is on Thursday now, between 9 and 10 am i think.

    Hugs of gratitude to you all


  20. Debs Mum and Dad says:

    many heartfelt thanks to you all for your concern and prayers for Peter and Debs at this time it is amazing to know there are such kind and loving people in the world who do not know us personally , but, who care so much .God Bless you all love Christine deb,s mum xx

  21. Sarah says:

    Continuing to pray for you all. It’s snowing here in MD this morning. Yuck! I’ve got this blast cold (lung rot, I call it) and I’m so glad I pushed through my exhaustion to go food shopping yesterday. I had heard it might snow and thought, Heck, I ought to go in case we do get snowed in. I reckon if it keeps coming down, my eldest son will be dropped home early. FUN! Time to open the Godiva hot cocoa and drink up! God bless you and hang in there.

  22. Suzanne says:

    Okay, Deb, still praying. 🙂

  23. ukok says:

    Mac, good advice! I did tak my daughter with me, but i wanted to go in to the consultant on my own as i knew that there would be a discussion about *personal matters* and didn’t want her to hear me talk about them. It was good just to know my daughter as outside the room and it was especially good to know i had you and all my other dear friends, praying for me.

    Suz, thankyou sweetie!

    General update:

    I have to have an MRI in about 4-6 weeks to rule out anything nasty, but the consultant thinks he can give me medication to manage my pain much better. I will see him again in 6 months unless he mri shows up anything untoward and then he will contact me sooner.

    Dad’s appointment is for tomorrow morn so any extra prayers for Dad would be hugely appreciated. He is feeling a lot better than he was, but it is the doctor wanting to see him to discuss the x ray and spit test that has us all concerned.

    Thanks folks!

    God Bless you all abundantly for your kindness and prayers and well wishes, myself and my parents are overwhelmed by your kindess. And i really do mean that.

    God Bless!

    p.s. Sarah, i do hope you are soon feeling better darlin’

  24. John says:

    Prayers for you and your family are never ceasing. Please also pray for Amy Welborn ( and her children – her husband died suddenly this morning.

    Watching your parents age and perhaps not able to age well is particularly painful. After all they have sacrificed somehow it doesn’t seem very fair does it? Love is the answer – your love for him and for your Mother will be more than sufficient for them as their journey begins to end.

  25. owen says:

    John, what a shock! I am praying even now and our own health concerns while far from moot do fall into perspective with this very tragic news.

    Deb, continuing to believe for you and your family and welcoming any prayers you may have for me. As I see my own pre surgery consultant tomorrow I will remember your dad and his appointment trusting God to care for the time zone difference.

  26. ukok says:

    John, thank you so much for sharing the news with me about the death of Amy’s husband, thanks too for your prayers, my friend.

    Owen, all the very best of wishes and prayers for your meeting with the consultant!

  27. Pia says:

    I’m a bit late replying but I did see your post in my feed reader when you put it up, but I didn’t get a chance to scoot over here to see the long follow up! Glad the doctor was a bit more understanding this time. Hoping your MRI will come out clear, and of course that the meds work for you.

    How did your dad’s appointment go?

  28. ukok says:

    Pia, thanks so much for your encouragement and prayers. Dad has to wait till next week to see the doc as the weather has thus far prevented him and they won’t give the results over the phone. You are so kind to ask after him. God Bless you!

    I will keep you updated what happens with the MRI and the meds, i have to wait a couple of weeks before my GP gets the speialists letter about the medication changes, so i just have to stay on what i am on for now.


  29. Valerie says:

    This is late in coming, but I shall keep all of you in my prayers!

  30. ukok says:

    I know you pray for me and mine, my friend, and it warms my heart to know this.

  31. ukok says:

    p.s. Not sure who is online right now but in one hour dad has an appointment with the doc, your prayers at this time, are, as ever, very much appreciated.

  32. ukok says:

    Update: Dad has been to the doctors and he has been prescribed more medication as their is fluid in his right lung still. He is to have another chest x ray in a couple of weeks time to see if it is cleared. Thanks for your prayers. Dad is eating well again now and feels much better, but the doc is concerned about this persistant rubbish at th bottom of his right lung and so will be keeping a check on that. God Bless you all who prayed.

  33. owenswain says:

    Continued prayers.

  34. Barbara says:

    Sorry Deb – where have I been?

    All this going on under my nose… and I didn’t even know.

    Praying for your Dad and the fluid and for you, and your mum and the children too.. You are always in my prayers. B

  35. ukok says:

    Bless you honey, you are often in my thoughts. I look forward to the day we actually get to meet one another and have a cuppa!

    Many thanks Barbara, prayers for you and yours going up!

  36. ukok says:

    Just a quick mention in here, rather than starting a new blog post about my health (which must be a bit boring by now) that i have just been booked on a fast track appointment for an MRI on Thursday afternoon. I have to travel some way for the scan, so i will let you know wither late Wednesday or Thursday morning, how it goes.

    About Dad, he is having more tabs and we will see how he gets on with them. Hugs and thanks to all of you!

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