Simple Living – Simple Crafting

I’ve always given my children little tokens of affection on Valentines Day. It’s just something i have always done. Usually it’s something handcrafted and fairly simple, like these little book-cards i made for them today. Here’s how i made them:

Step 1

Cut two 12×2 inch strips of craft paper (or use ready sized scrapbooking papers like i did). One can have a lot of pattern, one should be fairly plain – that is the one you will write on and it will make your writing easier to show up.

Step 2

Stick both strips together back to back so the patterned paper is showing on both sides.



Step 3

Using a ruler or cutting mat, measure 3 inches of your 12 inch strip and fold the strip back on itself. Do this twice more  until you have a mini concertina book, each ‘page’ measuring 3 inches.  I made one mini book for my daughter and one for my son.


Step 4

Next, i wrote on the plain papered side of both cards, a simple ‘love’ message:



Step 5

Using a couple of paper clips, fold your booklets to close them and use a paper clip on each to keep them closed.




Step 6

Embellish the cover of the booklet how you like. I chose to keep it simple. Although i did add a little mobile phone lip gloss charm to my daughters mini booklet, i didn’t think my son would apreciate it if i put one on his too.


So there we go. Crafting Love in all its simplicity. It took a maximum of 10 minutes to make both mini books. Why not have a go yourself? You don’t even need craft papers, you could use plain paper and decorate it with pictures or doodles!

Rightio then, guess it’s time to clear away the craft stuff now… (i was having a bit of a craft session, also making  cards for friends too!)


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3 Responses to Simple Living – Simple Crafting

  1. mum6kids says:

    I don’t normally do this kind of thing-but please would you and anyone else you can get come and leave messages supporting homeschoolers on my blog. We are hoping the more support we get the more we can show the Govt.
    Thank you and God bless

  2. Cathy says:

    What a marvelous idea! You are so very talented!!

  3. ukok says:

    Shell, i’m there!

    Cathy, Oh i’m afaid it doesn’t require much talent to make such things as these, but i thank you for the compliment, my friend!

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