Simple Living – Sifting our needs from our wants


With Lent just around the corner, needing to spend some time contemplating the difference between my needs and wants was already a recurrent thought in my head over recent days, but the fortune cookie i opened after a meal this week  compounded that which was already, and necessarily, at the forefront of my mind.

Y’know, this Simple living kick i am on right now is about so much more than bulk buying baked beans and toilet tissue, it’s about the assessment of one’s personal situation and paring down, cutting out the wasting dead areas of our lives and allowing the things of benefit to grow, without the hindrance of the uneccessary sapping us dry physically, economically and  (more importantly) spiritually.

So this isn’t a post on frugality per se, because being spiritually unfed is always going to be far more detrimental to the soul than being physically unfed could ever harm the body, but if it is about frugality, then it is about frugality of spirit or poverty of spirit because frugality isn’t about  doing without or negativity… although it is often misinterpretted in that way, it is always about enrichment of self and family and to my mind, just as importantly (if not more so), it’s about enrichment of the spirit.

The question, as printed in my fortune cookie above, asks,  ‘Do you always need what you want?’

What a question that is.

If i only lived by fulfillment of need I would require only food and water, shelter and love to survive. But how much more than food and water and shelter and love do I have in my life!

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs outlines the basic needs of man, and yet we all of us want more than we need, do we not? Maslow theory, to my knowledge, does not specifically list ‘God’ as being a ‘necessary need’, but i would imagine that perhaps he may relegate God to a category such as ‘the need for love and belonging’. I may be wrong about that.

There’s no doubt that we all need to love and be loved and also that we need to feel we belong, whether that be in social situations, in church, in our family, school, work etc.

But i also believe that  a ‘God-shaped hole’ exists in the heart and soul of all men from the time of conception….and that it can’t be filled by food alone , nor drink, nor shelter, nor any other person in this entire world, but God (though how i have tried).

What i need  this Lent (and for always) is more of God and less of me in my life…. or in the words of Scripture…

“He must increase, but I must decrease” ~ John 3:30

I’m not going to lie and say that this is as much want as it is need, because the truth is, it isn’t.

My soul knows i need more God in my life and less of myself, but my flesh wants more of me and less of Him and my flesh is in a daily battle to seek fulfilment in sin and other distractions, rather than in Him.

Last night, i was prompted  by the Holy Spirit to read a chapter of Hebrews, it was when i read the following that i understood that God is wanting me to know that it is He alone who fulfills all my needs, that trusting He will provide and allowing Him to show me my need of Him, is all that God requires of me.

He will meet all my needs and more, and elightens me to the awareness that most of my wants come from the flesh of me.

The KJV Bible passage read like this:

“Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” ~ Hebrews 13:5

Paring down who i am, down to the very bare bones of me (no self deprecation here, though i am tempted), means seeing myself as I truly am. It’s a scary prospect that i neither relish nor look forward to, because when God shows me who i am, it is this knowledge that has so often driven me to a place so far away from Him and into overindulgence of self, in an attempt to block out the vileness that exists within me.

No, it is not something i look forward to at all but i know  that i must do it.

So this will be my commitment for Lent.

To see the real me.

Not as you see me.

Not as i see myself.

But as God sees me.

Not through eyes that disparage my lack of self control and stench of sin.

But through God’s eyes.

Of love.

Oh yes, i think that must be the hardest of all things to do when one is so unused to loving oneself.

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12 Responses to Simple Living – Sifting our needs from our wants

  1. Aphra says:

    Good stuff! :):)

  2. mum6kids says:

    You have obviously been thinking and praying hard Deb. Lovely post.
    I have just been posting about debt and wondered if I could have a link to the post you did on this subject some time ago-I can’t find it.
    Thank you for the card-I am very touched. It’s in my prayer corner.
    God bless

    • ukok says:

      I hope those links i provided helped you Shell, if i didn’t give you the right one just let me know and i’ll do a more comprehensive search. You actually prompted me to put a search bar on the blog too, so thanks for that, hopefuly it will help others too 🙂

  3. what Aphra said


    and God’s eyes blaze with love and affirmation and acceptance …we change because ofour relationship with Him …not to have a relationship with him (if you see the difference) …

    blessed start to lent and an even better ending … that you’d hear not “well done faithful servant” but … “I love you dear daughter!” 🙂

  4. Adrienne says:

    What a wonderful post. You have a way of putting things in perspective and still say so much.

  5. ukok says:

    Lorna, what an encouraging comment, i pray for you a much blessed Lent also. I have been reading your posts through bloglines lately and keeping up to date with what you are getting up to. Well done on the skiing, you are a far braver (and fitter) than I!


    that is one mighty big compliment from one such as yourself. Thanks so much for saying that, it is very good to know tht i don’t just waffle my ass off. (without the fry pan…if you see what i mean)

  6. Mimi says:


    A blessed Lent to you, my friend.

  7. Rosemary says:

    What a lovely post. Great photo too. May God reveal to you the great tenderness and love with which he regards you. May he show you how he delights in your creativity, your humor, and your good nature, and all your other wonderful qualities. And may you have a wonderful Lent, good friend!

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