Quality of life is more important than quantity of years lived…

The Infinite Value of Life

“Some people live long lives, some die very young. Is a long life better than a short life? What truly counts is not the length of our lives but their quality. Jesus was in his early thirties when he was killed. Therese de Lisieux was in her twenties when she died. Anne Frank was a teenager when she lost her life. But their short lives continue to bear fruit long after their deaths.

A long life is a blessing when it is well lived and leads to gratitude, wisdom, and sanctity. But some people can live truly full lives even when their years are few. As we see so many young people die of cancer and AIDS let us do everything possible to show our friends that, though their lives may be short, they are of infinite value.” ~ Henri Nouwen

It seems especially fitting to read this with the death of British Actress Natasha Richardson making headlines…after suffering a seemingly insignificant fall and only hours later developing a critical injury which subsequently resulted in her death at only 45 years of age.

There are many who ‘die  young’ each day, they do not all make the headlines but it makes their deaths no less sad. It is important to remember, that a life well lived and well loved can be a better life than a life, long lived and bereft of love and loving. Eternal rest grant unto Natasha and to all whom have died, in the spring or summertime of their earthly lives, and may God comfort all who mourn the loss of their dear departed.

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2 Responses to Quality of life is more important than quantity of years lived…

  1. Mimi says:

    Amen. Memory Eternal.

  2. Sarah says:

    It is a terrible loss for her family – how awful. But, I so agree with this quote, because it’s something we all should think about. I can’t stand it when I hear someone say that a person who has just passed hasn’t lived long enough to really enjoy life . . . it completely bypasses the fact they’ve been alive at all!

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