The Mum Meme

I asked my teens (aged 13 and 17) to answer the questions to this popular meme, i speed typed their responses as they gave them…my fingers were twitching to do a major editing job, but i resisted, just about, well with the exception of  ‘the chicken coup’ edit….i’ve lost you haven’t i? Don’t worry, you’ll soon see what i mean…

1. What is something mum always says to you?
Wondergirl – that she loves me
Wonderboy – tea is ready

2. What makes mum happy?

Wondergirl – when I do the dishes  or when we watch Charmed or  Poirot or when Grissom is on CSI or when I do a spontaneously nice thing or when she is taking photographs or listening to Andrea Bocelli…or when she wakes up at the crack of dawn and puts on her workboots and apron and moseys on down to get the eggs from the chicken coup and then she comes back and rustles us up some boiled egg for breakfast (edited to say: that’s what DD saidbut we don’t have chickens or a chicken coup and i wouldn’t get up at dawn for hardly any reason i could think of!!!)
Wonderboy – hardly anything

3. What makes mum sad/what annoys mum?
Wondergirl – when somebody cuts her up on the road….she made this pact/pledge thing that she would say ‘God Bless you’ each time but usually she says ‘SOD you!’ at the othe drivers, she also doesn’t like being in the supermarket with unruly trolley pushers and she talks loudly about them being bad trolley drivers while they are still in earshot, and she doesn’t like not having internet access and she didn’t like the episode when Grissom left CSI

Wonderboy – almost everything

4. How does your mum make you laugh?
Wondergirl – By doing all of the above.
Wonderboy – by seeing her in the morning

5. What was your mum like as a child?
– A rebel without a cause…when she was 15 one of her boyfriends jumped from the second floor window of his flat/apartment when he saw her walking by….she was forbidden to see him….and she had lied to her Dad and said she was going out to buy a can of Coke….but Grandad had followed her and confronted the guy and threatened to break his legs if he ever saw my mum again….well he had been inside (the boyfriend, not grandad, least i don’t think so).

Wonderboy – she was the same as she is now

6. How old is your mum?

Wonderboy 59

7. How tall is your mum?

Wondergirl I don’t know, 5 foot 8 or 7…I do know, mum, honest

Wonderboy – 4 ft

8. What is her favorite thing to do?
Wondergirl –
pfffffffffffffffffft….i don’t know….go to church….the pious woman that she is hahahahaha!….or play on the internet

Wonderboy – laptop

9. What does your mum do when you’re not around?
how am I supposed to know if I am not around? Go make bread, go shopping, look after the house, go to the dentist, go on the internet…..

Wonderboy – read and go on laptop, more laptop

10. If your mum became famous, what would it be for?
Wondergirl – being a glamour girl….obviously NOT! HAHAHAHAHAHA!…she’d be a writer

Wonderboy annoying people

11. What is your mum really good at?
Wondergirl lots of things….too private to share on the internet

Wonderboy – not much…only joking, card making and baking

12. What is your mum not very good at?
keeping a straight face, not shouting at people when we are in the car

Wonderboy – mum is too protective

13. What does your mum do for her job?
Wondergirl –
by day she is not exactly a housewife, she is a housemum, by night she is a lap dancing superhero

Wonderboy house cleaning

14. What is your mum’s favorite food?
something savoury probably

Wonderboy – Welsh Rarebit

15. What makes you proud of your mum?
lots of things…don’t want to share it on the internet though

Wonderboy – she is very generous

16. If your mum were a cartoon character, who would she be?
mutley (the asthmatic wheeze)

Wonderboy – Daffy duck – cos she is ‘daffy’….daft….

17. What do you and your mum do together?
Wondergirl –
we do (almost) everything  together, we are best friendies

Wonderboy –  argue

18. How are you and your mum the same?
–  we are the same in many scary ways

Wonderboy – we are both completely annoying

19. How are you and your mum different?
Wondergirl – in many scary ways

Wonderboy – I like prawns, mum doesn’t like them

20. How do you know your mum loves you?
Wondergirl – I don’t. Well, put LOL or something mum cos i’m only joking!!!!

Wonderboy she takes care of me.

21. What does your mum like most about your dad?
–no answer

Wonderboy – no answer

22. Where is your mum’s favorite place to go?
– Church or the supermarket or bed

Wonderboy – Iraq. Only joking, Grandma and Grandad’s or Wales

23: What would your mum be if she wasn’t a mum?
not a mum

Wonderboy – not me mum

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10 Responses to The Mum Meme

  1. Squelly says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hilarious! teenage boys – so predictable

  2. Squelly says:

    …Teenage girls so much nicer

  3. Sarah says:

    snarky little things, aren’t they? But I love it!! Good on you not changing it up a bit. Much.


  4. Owen says:

    Perhaps the name needs to change to Blunderboy. Just joking…as he was, most the way through.

  5. Mimi says:

    Bwhahahahahahahaha! I liked the long discussion about drivers. Giggle.

  6. Hidden says:

    Ah, the joys of being able to embarrass one’s mother with her consent. And on the Internet – blessed Wonderboy!

    This post put a smile on my face. 😀

  7. Therese says:

    they were great Deb. Both wondergirl and wonderboy have a similar sense of humour to you.

  8. Barbara says:

    Fab Deb – I wouldn’t dare…..

    Happy Mother’s Day for tomorrow…

    They love you really!!

  9. ukok says:

    Thanks all,

    Owen, ‘Blunderboy’ is such an apt name for my son! You did make me laugh when i read that 🙂

    Therese, you are so right they did inherit my daft sense of humour 🙂

  10. Melanie says:

    This was wonderful 🙂 I have loved reading so many of these interviews – it’s so interesting to see how children see their mums!

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