Free Catholic Booklets to Download

Blow me down, i have just been perusing the online CTS store and what did i find?

3  free downloadable books which provide some great reading for Catholics and those who want to learn more about the Catholic Faith.  The three books are free to download in PDF and are;

Lent, Learning to Love like Jesus

by Fr Sean Finnegan

What is the Catholic Church?

Wang, Fr Stephen

A Rule of Life

For Daily Christian Living

Woodgate, Michael

I’m going to download a couple now, jolly well done CTS. It’s not vey often you get something for nothing these days!

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3 Responses to Free Catholic Booklets to Download

  1. pontesisto says:

    CTS are really excellent.

  2. Thanks for the links! I’m starting on the Rule of Life.

  3. ukok says:

    Glad you found this post useful 🙂

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