Free Downloadable/Printable ‘Thank You’ Notes, great for children!

It was only a matter of time before i got this idea wasn’t it?  Are you getting bored yet?

Thank You notes created by Debbie Scalise

This is just one in a series of free printable ‘Notes’.

As the title says, these are free to download and print ‘Thank You’ notes, but i have also created ‘Please Come to My Party’ notes too, I will post those after i have posted this. I’ve created a tab for them at the top of the page so visitors know where to find them, or use this link to access the page.

There will be many more variations on each theme, but for now i hope these will be of some use. I know how costly it can be to purchase party invitations, and also just how hard it is to get children to sit down and write thank you notes after they have recieved gifts (but it is so very important that they do so), so i hope these will make it  a little easier …after all, it’s probably less daunting for a child to fill a relatively small box with words, rather than a scary blank piece of A4.

Because i am pushed for time i will only post the one image here (see above) of one of the thank you notes i have created, but I will of course give you the PDF links to download any/all ten colours of the notes ~(see them below this post- just click on the links and then print which colour you want).  Actually , strictly speaking, these are not all coloured as i left one of them blank so that kiddies can colour in the thank you notes themselves, it only has the necessary text and lines on that one 🙂

Let me know if you like them!

Thank You Notes

Thank you Note 1 (Dark Blue)

Thank You Note  2 (Pale Pink)

Thank You Note  3 (Golden)

Thank You Note 4 (Red)

Thank You Note 5 (Green)

Thank You Note 6 (Purple)

Thank You Note 7  (Blank – To Colour Yourself)

Thank You Note 8 (Black & White)

Thank You Note 9 (Pale Blue)

Thank You Note 10 (Bright Pink)

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2 Responses to Free Downloadable/Printable ‘Thank You’ Notes, great for children!

  1. Cathy says:

    These are GREAT!!!!! WOW!

  2. COLIN says:


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