Mothering Sunday

It’s been almost a week since Mothering Sunday and i’m feeling kind of guilty that i haven’t found the time to blog about what a wonderful day I had. I came downstairs to find Wondergirl had prepared breakfast for me and had decorated the coffee table with brightly coloured tissue paper and on it, had placed presents for me, which were also brightly wrapped in tissue paper.

Pretty Tissue Papered Parcels

Amongst my presents from Blunderboy and Wondergirl was Take That’s ‘Never Forget – The Ultimate Collection’ and the gorgeous little tea pot you see below. The tea pot sits atop the cup (and warms the cup up) and  as small as the tea pot it is i can get 2.5 generously sized cups of tea out of it. It’s a tardis tea pot!!!

gorgeous little teapot

Wondergirl had also bought me this hand beaded box which is absolutely beautiful.apparantly she had purchased on a recent trip to Manchester. I love the photo she put in the top of it!

handbeaded boxWasn’t i spoilt!

We had invited Mum and Dad for lunch that day, so after a beautiful Mass they came over to our house.

Here is mum opening her present. It’s the Lost in Austen DVD series that was on TV last year, i really enjoyed it…and this way i will get  to watch it again…by borrowing it. LOL!

mum opening her present

The kids and me had an idea earlier in the week…. Blunderboy would make the starter, I would make the main meal and Wondergirl would make the dessert.  It worked out really well. The day before, Mothering Sunday, Wondergirl and I had made some delicious chocolate covered peppermint creams to serve before/after lunch (I will give you the recipe this week, promise) and the dessert was made in advance also (I will give you the recipe this week also, promise).

Blunderboy made Prawn Cocktail (i had french onion soup as i don’t like prawns) for starters and i made lasagne for the main meal, served with garlic bread, chantennay carrots and baby potatoes, and Wondergirl made the dessert (with a little help and supervision) which you can see below ….it was all super duper yummy!

Strawberry Cheesecake with fudge sauce

After  lunch we ate the peppermint creams …

chocolate covered peppermint creams

Dad found an alternate use for the peppermint creams

high jinx grasshoppa....

Blunderboy did some magic tricks to entertain us after lunch and played with the balloons he had blown up for our celebration…balloon games

…and can you guess who this is?

balloon games 2

yup, your blog hostess!

oh and i forgot to mention, mum bought me some gorgeous flowers, thanks mum! And you can see also below my cute new oven mitt in the picture…

orgeous flowers and oven mitt

Isn’t it just wonderful creating memories?

God Bless!

ps. Brits, don’t forget, at 1.00am (GMT) tonight/tomorrow morning the UK will move to 2.00am British Summer Time (BST).

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3 Responses to Mothering Sunday

  1. Sarah says:

    How absolutely wonderful. You have a gem of a family, love. You must know that, but I had to say it! Can’t wait to jot down the mint cremes recipe. Yum! My son (Squirrel Boy) asked me this AM, “Mum, do you think they’ll have British candy in Hawaii?” Cute, huh? I think so. The military commissary carries a few things in it’s international aisle. I tell him this and then he says, “Do you think if not you could contact that lovely lady in England and work something out with her?” He meant you, dear. Isn’t he such a squirrel????? Happy be-lated Mothering Sunday. Love seeing the whole day – thanks for sharing. Also, the balloon pics are a “scream” (hilarious).


  2. antonia says:

    Awwwwwwwww! Soooo sweet! Your children are so lovely! I’m VERY impressed that Blunderboy made starter! Well done to him!
    And that dessert looks unbelievably professional! wow! Congratulations Wondergirl!

    I love these posts about your family! I like all your blog posts, but these are my favourite!

    I totally had no idea that the clocks change! THANK YOU for the reminder! We would definitly have missed Mass!!

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