The Alphabet Meme

Thanks to the lovely Therese for this meme ~

– Available:
Depends who is doing the asking.
– Age: 40
– Annoyance: people who talk uneccessarily, chew gum etc, during the Mass.

– Beer:
No thanks, i’m tea-total 😉
– Birthday: Shared with Marilyn Monroe
– Blind or deaf: at the moment, neither, hopefully it will stay that way.
– Best weather: reasonably warm (not hot), with a gentle breeze… and sunny.
– Been in love: Yes
– Believe in magic: i enjoy the magic tricks my son does, and illusionists can be very entertaining but i don’t think magic should go much further than that.

– Candy: chocolate covered cherries or strawberry creams or treacle toffee
– Color: Pink and also Red
– Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
– Chinese or Mexican food: Chinese.
– Cake or pie: cake
– Continent to visit: Africa, North/South America, Europe..oh heck…all of them!
– Cheese: preferably something blue or garlicky, served with crusty bread, freshly squeezed juice and a selection of fruit

– Day or night:
i’m more of a night person, but i’m trying to trim hours of my bedtime as i awake exhausted every morning these days, even with 6-7 hours sleep.
– Dancing in the rain: no thanks, i just look a mess when i am wet through. I love to dance though, but these days, what can i say… i won’t dance...unless it is a slooooooooooooow dance….which are always the best kind, if you ask me.

– Eyes: kind of a greeny
– brown, i’ve been told they are my best feature, but i don’t know about that.
– Everyone’s got to: be loved
– Ever failed a class: many, many times, i’m no scholar

– First thoughts waking up: I hate that darned alarm clock!
– Food: savoury, preferably involving cheese, bread,  antipasti, olives etc…i also really enjoy eating fish, but not seafood ie, crab, prawns, octupus etc…and i detest food with bones in it, makes me gag.

– Greatest fear:
my children finding me dead in the morning, poor loves, that would be horrid.
– Goals: to fulfill my vocation on earth and to be admitted to Heaven at the end of my earthly life… after a  hefty stint in Purgatory, no doubt.
– Gum: occassionally, if so, Trident Splash, Extra
– Get along with your parent/parents: Very much so.

– Hair Color:
going grey disgracefully
– Height: Dunno, i’ve shrunk in recent years, probably about 5 ft 4 or 5 inches
– Happy: I try to accept where i am at, i aim for ‘accepting’….and for contentment, if possible
– Holiday: Liturgically, the season of Lent, but probably my most enjoyed time of the year, Christmas.
– How do you want to die: in God’s friendship.  Preferably in my sleep…but not when the kids are at home.

– Ice Cream: Don’t much like it, will tolerate  and even sometimes enjoy toffee/butterscotch flavour icecream, but i dont go a lot on it.

– Jewellery:
Don’t wear it very often. I can take it or leave it. If i were engaged/married i would of course, wear those rings, but as it is, i usually wear a watch and that is about it.
– Job:  caring for my children is my primary vocation

– Kids:
two children, Blunderboy and Wondergirl
– Kickboxing or karate: oh what fun. None.
– Keep a journal: not anymore, shredded them, funnily enough, about this time last year, i think

– Love:
my children, my catholicity, my pooch, my family, photography, writing, crafting, creating craft papers, blogging, playing on my laptop, reading, music, eating, going to Mass and drinking pots and pots of tea!
– Laughed so hard you cried: yes, but it’s dangerous these days!
– Milk flavor: as it comes from the supermarket, ready to be poured into my tea.
– Movies: Truly, Madly Deeply….The Lake House….The 39 Steps…You’ve Got Mail…An Affair to Remember…Rope…Rebecca…Muppets Christmas Carol…Pride and Prejudice (BBC version)…Persuasion (BBC version)…MiddleMarch (BBC version) etc…
– Motion sickness: yes,  if i am sitting at the back of a car and the car is in motion
– McD’s or BK: Not much for either of them really, though will eat them if ravenously hungry

– Number: 7

– One wish: to live long enough to see my children grow up into decent, loving, independant, responsible, Christian adults …and yes, it would be nice to live long enough to see them create families of their own, if it be God’s will.

– Pepsi/Coke:
Diet Pepsi
– Perfect Pizza: homemade, cheese and tomato, other toppings optional.

– Quiet:
I am content in the quiet zone.

– Reality T.V :
I don’t enjoy it. My teens watch The Apprentice but i think it is full of money grabbing, attention seeking, arrogant, self satisfied individuals who talk a lot of rot and take the earliest possible opportunity to stab one another in the back so they can prove to Sir Alan Sugar just how ruthless they can be…last year a liar became the apprentice…he lied on his CV …he claimed to have been to university and to have attained a degree…he didn’t. Lie and get rewarded with a six figure salary, what a great example to the masses of teen viewers watching the show. Not.

– Radio Station: I don’t really listen to radio, though i do occassionally listen to radio programmes from Catholic Answers, yesterday i was listening to a programme about speaking to teens about chastity, as a mother of two teens, and especially with Blunderboys blood disorder adding even more complications to this area of parent-teen-chastity conversation, it is of course, something that i am very concerned about.The talk was good.…check it out on Catholic.Com

– Roll your tongue in a circle:
I think so, or is it more of a semi circle?Hmmm…
– Ring size: Haven’t a clue, I don’t wear jewellery very often. I’m not overly  impressed with physical adornment.

– Shoe size:
6 or 7 depends on shoe style and quality.
– Salad dressing: mayonaise.
– Sushi: haven’t eaten it and wouldn’t go out of my way to try it.
– Shower: reasonably warm and terribly looooooooooooooonnnnnnnng…and the room should be soundproofed because i SING in the shower/bath…and pray…and occassionally, cry.
– Strawberries or blueberries: Strawbs
-Singer: used to be (non professional) chickened out when we got bookings.

– Tattoos:
– Time for bed: usally between 11.30pm and 12.30am
– Thunderstorms: Don’t mind them but they freak out my dog …as does heavy rain LOL! She is such a wimp!

– Unpredictable:
I can be, sometimes….but if i am it is only because even i never know what i am going to say or do from one moment to the next!

– Vacation spot(s):
I’m going to copy Therese here because i would really love to meet all my blogging buddies from around the world. If i won the lottery (which i won’t, because i don’t do the lottery!) I would love to travel the world and as i travelled i would love to meet you all 🙂

– Weakness:
i am ashamed to say i have a lack of discipline and so i have a lot of weaknesses. I hate that about me. I suppose the good thing is that i acknowledge that i have a lot of weaknesses. hmmm.
– Which one of your friends acts most like you: my daughter acts most like me, though she wishes she didn’t.
– Worst feeling: Probably the worst feeling i have ever felt was when i have felt completely alone and unloved…by God and by the world…yep, that kind of feeling is pretty damned awful. Especially since the evil one revells in our feeling that way and takes every opportunity to get you deeper and deeper into thinking there is nothing worth living for. Satan 1 – God – nil = not a good equation.
– Worst Weather: this would have to be when there is ice on the roads, it freaks me out to drive on icey roads. it REALLY freaks me out.

had all sorts, including CAT scans and MRI

-Year it is now:
-Yellow: Daffodils. Pretty. Short lived, but worthwhile, a fairly reasonable epitaph if you ask me. (must stop writing ‘if you ask me’ because this meme is all about my opinion! DOH!).

-Zoo Animal:
Wild cats. I love them, i’m totally in awe of their strength, grace, power…and just how majestic they are. But also, i like anything that looks cute and i especially like Lemur.

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4 Responses to The Alphabet Meme

  1. Cathy says:

    You have a marvelous story to tell…and all in 26 letters! Thank you~~

  2. Sarah says:

    This was nicely done. I may take this up and take a good swing at it, but later. I want to leave up my church pics a day or two before I post anything new. 🙂 It’s funny, but reading yours is nearly close to what you’ll read in mine, I think. Perhaps we were separated at birth? Just kidding! But we have many similarities. God bless!

    • ukok says:

      this is the absolute honest truth,Sarah, i read a post or a meme on your blog the other day and i had to read it twice because it was just as though i had written it myself!

  3. Therese says:

    Oh Deb,

    I wish you lived next door. I just know we would get on well. So many of the answers you gave are just what I would say.

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