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Ask Me Anything!

I saw  a post like this on Sarah’s blog a while back  and thought it might be fun to do it here. I’m not sure how many people are interested in me enough to want to ask me anything,  but … Continue reading

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Simple Living – Building a Pantry or Store Cupboard

Grocery shopping has long been a bit of a ‘headache’ for me.  Being disorganised and never remembering what food i had at home to build a meal on, meant that very often when i did a large grocery shop i … Continue reading

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Have You seen Cheesus lately?

I have. And oh heck did he make me laugh…i want to say ‘only in America’ …but i don’t want to alientate 50% of my readership, so i will just say nuttin, nuttin, nuttin… I love all my readers and … Continue reading

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Beautiful Browns and Resplendant Reds – Free Scrapbook and Card Making Papers!

To print of any of these designs simply click on any image below to go to my Free Scrapbook and Card Making page where they can be downloaded for free, ready for printing. Enjoy!

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