Todays Book Finds…


Today we went to a few more  small towns along the was a fairly warm day and there were a lot of charity shops and second hand book shops to explore…Wonderboy was moaning and i couldn’t find a bank to withdraw cash and i was beginning to wonder if it was worth putting up with all the inconvenience and complaining…then we found a little charity shop, Cancer Research i think it was, and upstairs there was a literal library of books for sale. I looked and looked but couldn’t see anything of interest…then just as i had made my mind up to leave, i spotted a little book entitled  John Paul II ~ Words of Inspiration.

Well that was what I had been meant to find today! (I knew because i got tingles in my spine – which could be neurological – but i don;’t think so 😉

Don’t you just love it when that happens?

Here is one of the first Quotations i read when i opened the book…

“We cannot live without love.

If we do not encounter love,

if we do not experience it and make it our own,

and if we do not participate intimately in it,

our life is meaningless”

In a charity shop we had visited earlier i had also came a cross a book i’ve had on my Bookmooch wishlist for a while, entitled,  ‘As I Lay Dying’ (I didn’t get tingles when i saw that, though i was rather pleased) I hear it’s a bit of a macrabre read, but i’ll give it a go.

Yesterday we went to Church for the Liturgy, it was a time of great blessing as we received communion, then the veneration of the Cross took place and after the Mass we prayed the Stations of the Cross. I got pretty choked up when we were praying about  Jesus falling and his blessed Mother looking on in such anguish and yet consenting all the time that God’s will be done so that all might have eternal life.

When i pray the stations i always remember the part of the film The Passion, when Jesus falls and Mary looks at he son and remembers back to a time when he was a young boy…when he fell down and she helped him to his feet…now he falls, and she must stand by and watch her son suffering the burden of my sin and yours.

The Passion isn’t something i watch very often, i find it very difficult to watch. The first time i watched it i went to the cinema alone. Priests and religious were queuing for their tickets at the same time. When i came out of the cinema a radio representative was standing by to record the audible reactions of those who had watched the film. Nary a word was spoken. We, most of us left crying and sniffling into our tissues. Many shook there heads as if to say ‘i can not speak, i am so filled with emotion’. I could not speak either. I got in my car, drove home, sat on the sofa and balled my eyes out. I then knelt and begged God for his forgiveness for nailing him to the cross.

Earlier that morning my migraine had come on very bad, i was unsure whether to go to the cinema as i knew i would be in agony later in the day. I was in agony later, but i knew it was the right thing to do, to go and see the film.

Last Lent i made myself watch it, this Lent i did not.

I am a visual learner and appreciated the way the film was handled and the devotion with which the actors played their parts. Seeing this depiction of Jesus in the events of his Life, Death and Resurrection did aid me somewhat, but when i think of Jesus, i don’t want to see Jim Caviezel in my head (as handsome as he is) so i try not to get too attached to certain images of Our Lord. Though being a visual learner, i often need images to help things click into place for me!

Anyway, this evening we are going to Easter Vigil. We have spent a few Easter Vigil’s here in this part of Wales and worship at one of two Catholic churches when we are down here.  The thing is though that the fire that is lit in the entrance of the church usually consists of a cheap barbecue tray being lit and the black smoke invariably billows into the Church choking most of the congregation. I already had an asthmatic funny fit yesterday in Church ….and that was before the incense came out…so  i hope muy athmatic funny do doesn’t return this evening! And poor Dad with his 40% of lungs working isn’t going to fare too well if they light the barbecue tray again this year!

Still, it is a blessing to worship in such a lovely little church with such a welcoming and friendly community of people and i wouldn’t miss it for anything. And there are going to be 6 people recieved into the church from this parish tonight. I am so excited! Easter Vigil 5 years ago (though i attended Mass for a year prior to that) i became Catholic along with my two children…then a year or two later my mother came into the church and a year or two after that my father became Catholic. The long wait i had to become Catholic was well worth the reward. I remember my then priest, dear Canon Goodwin phoning me on the day of my reception into the Church, what a tender and compassionate priest he was, still is, i’m sure, though he is at another parish these days and so am i 🙂

Thanks be to God for his love, his embrace so ready, always ready for us to enter the fold.

Well, that’s enough of my ramblings…may you all have a much blessed Easter!

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4 Responses to Todays Book Finds…

  1. Owen says:

    Thanks be to God for such a lovely day.

  2. Jay3GSM says:

    Happy Easter 🙂

  3. marie says:

    i am so happy you are having a lovely time!x

  4. ukok says:

    Thanks all. Much appreciate, and may you all be blessed this Easter!

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