Our Lady of Lourdes free downloadable papers/ The Feast Day of St. Bernadette Soubirous

Today it seems fitting  to post these papers depicting Our Lady of Lourdes, after all this is the feast day of my patron Saint, St. Bernadette Soubirous. Download them free by clicking either image below and visiting my free papers page. Enjoy



Prayer of Saint Bernadette“Let the crucifix be not only in my eyes and on my breast, but in my heart.
O Jesus! Release all my affections and draw them upwards.
Let my crucified heart sink forever into Thine and bury itself in the mysterious
wound made by the entry of the lance.”

Prayer for the intercession of St. Bernadette

O Saint Bernadette, who, as a meek and pure child, did eighteen times at Lourdes contemplate the beauty of the Immaculate Mother of God and received her messages, and who afterwards wished to hide yourself from the world in the convent of Nevers, and to offer thyself there as a victim for the conversion of sinners, obtain for us the grace of purity, simplicity and mortification that we also may attain to the vision of God and of Mary in Heaven.  Amen.

“On 16th April 1879 Bernadette had been suffering serious attacks of asthma and tuberculosis of the bones of her legs. She died at 3:00pm on this day. Bernadette was just over 35 years old.”

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One Response to Our Lady of Lourdes free downloadable papers/ The Feast Day of St. Bernadette Soubirous

  1. jesyca lovera says:

    thanks for the information about St Bernadette Soubirous….l really thankful for that because l really wanted to know about her since l was little..^^

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