Naughty and not at all nice..and some good news too

I’m gutted (hugely disappointed) to discover on my return home, that my E-Card site has been deleted due to my not being able to renew the service while i was on vacation (EDIT: it was supposed to revert to a Free site in the event of my not renewing the professional service). I spent many, many hours creating and uploading e-cards and am really annoyed about it. I apologise to you if you have been trying to access the site and have been unable to do so. I will try to figure a way around this in the next week or so, until then, you have my sincere apologies.

In other news….Wondergirl switched the telly on this morning and who was on The Big Questions  debate show but UK Catholic Blogger James Preece …he did his very  best to defend the Holy Father and Catholic Moral Teaching against a diatribe of nonsense being spewed forth about the Holy Father needing to be more accomodating to condom users, homosexuals, jews etc. Yawn.

As usual, the Pope is unpopular with those who want him to bend to their will.

Nothing new there then.

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