New Credo Christian E-Card Site

It doesn’t give me a huge amount of pleasure to announce this new site, since the quantity of available E-Cards is greatly reduced from my previous professional service….but it is better than nothing. You can find my new E-Card site by clicking THIS link or by clicking on the tab at the top of the page, or by clicking on the image over there on the top right corner of my blog, featuring the Rosary.

As the  previous site was used frequently i feel that this is a regrettable but necessary step backward with the hosting of my E-Cards. At this time, with things so difficult financially i simply can not justify paying to renew a professional hosting service, especially one that is as fickle as the previous one. It clearly stated to me that it would revert to a free service if i didn’t pay the renewal fee, but instead it just deleted my site completely..and hence i’ve just spent the best part of 4 hours recreating a free site myself….albeit with extremely limited hosting capabilities. One day i may be able to expand on this smaller service, but in the meantime i do hope that you continue to enjoy it.

God Bless you all!

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3 Responses to New Credo Christian E-Card Site

  1. Owen says:

    It’s good of you to continue make this inspirational material available.

  2. Mimi says:

    Oh how frustrating. Grrrrrr.

  3. mum6kids says:

    Oh Deb- that’s irritating. Thank you for all the work.
    God bless you this Divine Mercy Sunday

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